Cuttington University Launches Doctoral Program

MONROVIA-The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, G. Wesseh Blamoh has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to prioritizing quality education.

Representing President George Weah to officially launch the first Doctoral Degree Program at the Cuttington University, Minister Wesseh said the program is a testimony to the government’s collective dedication to building a brighter future in Liberia.

According to him, the launch of the two doctoral degree programs signifies a courageous step towards the promotion of future leaders and scholars who he indicated will help shape the intellectual and spiritual scenes of Liberia.

“Government of Liberia is honored to grace the first doctoral degree program in the Country’s history”, he noted.

The Liberian Leader, he pointed out, is a living testimony of the transformative power and impact of education.

“It is through such knowledge and experience gained from education that President Weah has been able to serve Liberia”, he told the gathering on Wednesday May 24, 2023.

The Chief Executive, Minister Wesseh stressed is a proud member of the Cuttington University’s commitment to excellence stating that the institution of Higher learning is a key platform where dreams are nurtured as such he challenged them to continue to strive to serve as a catalyst for growth and progress in Liberia.

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs at the same time urged potential students of the doctoral programs and citizens in general to be committed and courageous to the program stressing perseverance, intellectual verger and general passion for advancing knowledge.

“I am confident that you will possess the quality necessary and make informed impact in your respective spheres”, he told the citizens.

Education, he told the students, is not about only acquiring knowledge but utilizing the knowledge acquired to make an impact in the society.

“Go with the arm and wisdom and the burning desire to affect positive change”, he encourage the audience.

Speaking further, Minister Wesseh emphasized that as he graced the occasion, he was content with passion, confidence and excitement.

“Passion because of the power of education to transform lives in communities, confidence for those who will embarked on the journey and excitement for the future that lies ahead”, he uttered.

Making reference to the upcoming elections, he wants Liberians to consider the strives made in the Country, reflect on the transformative initiatives, economic growth, improved health care and education and strive towards a more inclusive and prosperous Liberia.

He urged the people of Liberia to make a decision in October to focus on a vision that knows no boundary but to create opportunities for all and where justice will prevail among others.

“Let’s continue to work together to build a nation where we can all stand tall and be proud of among our fellow Countries on the continent of Africa and beyond”, he noted.

Also speaking at the program was the President of the University of Liberia Dr. Julius Nelson who termed the Occasion as historic.

The University of Liberia he told the gathering is also on its way to launch several doctoral programs very soon.

Dr. Nelson thanked Cuttington University for breaking the glass ceiling and taking the shame from on the face of Liberia after many years without such program.

“We are grateful and appreciate Cuttington University for taking the board step and we are on our way”, he added.

The Doctoral program launched on May 24, 2023 in Suakoko, Bong County marked the first of its kind in Liberia.

Cuttington University over one hundred and thirty-three years has been contributing to Liberia’s Education sector by providing quality education to the Country.

The Doctoral programs following its launch will offer programs in doctors of ministry and doctors of theology respectively.

It is expected to enhance students’ knowledge in analytical, research, writing, communication and problem solving and professional skills.

According to Cuttington University President Dr. Romell Horton, the doctoral programs will ensure Quality, it will be Universal, Indigenous, while Accessibility as well as affordability will be the other of the day.

Meanwhile, the official commencement of the new programs is schedule for   September of 2023.


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