While it is being stated boastfully by this government that it has achieved a lot more than in the short span of its leadership as compared with any administrations since the founding of the nation in 1847, many citizens without missing their words have openly  declared that this  leadership is equally on record for violating most of the basic canons on the books with no remorse as though it is being cursed.

In a survey conducted recently by this paper, most people were skeptical about the sincerity of the current administration regarding how much it has acquiredin a relatively short period of time than any other regimes over the years and challenged the latter to show in practical terms, those many accomplishments, divorced of copious disregard for the enacted governing laws.

Also, while some people in some quarters of the society whole heartedly extolled the government for attacking some urban feeder roads, and should be commended for such engagement coupled with bringing relief to many public-schools (universities) going students and parents and the underwriting of the WACE fees; again, most people find it difficult to comprehend why this leadership is not a respecter of the Constitution, to begin with, let alone the standard governing rules that attend the governance system.

For Sarah Massaquoi a petty trader said, the manner and form in which the administration conducts and presents itself in term of upholding the tenets of the law and the value system of democracy, despite taken oath to respect, protect, defend and uphold the sacred worth; in grave violation, it has marked its political soul with scorn, ridicule and thereby glaringly reaping the fruits of constant pain stricken embarrassment.

Some,  Richard  Kolllie of  Smythe Road said even though it has become too far-fetched to accept now without second though, when President George M. Weah publicly declared that the quality, value, worth and credibility of his leadership will not be measured by the eloquence of his speeches rather through the sound, development-result of the decisions he will make that will not bring maximum relief to the for too long, perpetually impoverished masses; unfortunately the people have been rewarded with acute disappointment, setback and complete spectators status instead of custodians of their economy, captain of their own destiny and  champion of their own growth and prosperity sanctioned by the Pro-Poor Government.

Another group elected to numerate some of the gross violations by this government beginning with the unconstitutional and unilateral appointment, and without senate confirmation, commissioned an ambassador to the United States of America; and while displaying portrait of US President and the questionable ambassador in the public glare, massive efforts on the home front were being pursued to have the ambassador returned home to properly undergo the standard procedure in keeping with law.

At some intellectual centers, some students also cited the fiasco of Liberia’s permanent Representative at the Maritime Organization in London when the leadership in its quest to replace the current, got a setback from the court and did not have its will and way as envisaged. Some even pointed to the government’s total lack of muscle to nib or reduce the high velocity of rampant corruption now breaking through the glass ceiling, with emphasis on the manner and for in which the US25m taken from the country’s reserved to enhance the mop up exercise with no appropriate action or punishment taken against those who dishonestly led the exercise.

At the same time, while others were holding the feet of the leadership close to the fire for even violating the budget law, cold shouldering the hosting of the general census which is also sanctioned by law, but under the canopy of being cash-strapped; the governance style became breathless upon beingoverwhelmed with the gasoline debacle which almost brought the transportationto a standstill as unfair elements wallowed in the haven of profiteering and massive exploitation, adding. Is it a deep-seated cursed or sheer incompetence?

Apart from that, few pointed to the current near-collapse of the ruling coalition with the National Patriotic Party and the Liberian People Democratic Party registering their discomfort and outright sidelined posture they have found themselves in with all agreed-upon rules of apportioning portfolios stalled and violated by a domineering faction (Congress For Democratic Change) of the coalition calling the shot with no guilt, something they scored as worrisome and troubling.

One group told this paper that if the breaking of the laws and upright disregard for the constitution by this leadership is not brought to a speedy end, the country will transform into a state of men and not of law, wherein dictatorship will be the only order of the day,inspite of the Justice system, the bedrock for the smooth flow of democracy; yet it is not receiving the most needed support and is being saddled with mounting dissatisfactions to function without hindrance.

It can be recalled that like the most controversial looming “missing LD16bn.” saga attended by several incohesive and deeply questionable statements from as many government’s functionaries; the intolerable and now depressing gas crunch devastating the entire society, thereby unleashing grave embarrassment to free movement of commuters, was also whitewashed with falsehood and unreliable explanations from legitimate official quarters.

According to  one commercial driver who described himself as frustrated, Mr. Jacob Paygar, the manner and form in which government mismanaged the dissemination of most needed information about the acute status of the gas crisis has left the people to revisit the high level of confidence they have had in the current leadership

Paygar also noted that the fashion in which the gas fiasco has disrupted the smooth flow of goods and services and painfully stalling the consignment of fresh farm products from the leeward counties that are unable to see the light of the various markets in the city centers is equally so a sad store and heart breaking, needless to voice out the immense loss incurred by the cross-country venders and their business partners.

Notwithstanding, pundits have scolded the flat-footed position of the government in the face of the pathetic gas obstacle and described the administration of sinking in the gallons as its image and capacity coupled with its ability to cope continue to reflect deep-seated incompetence.

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