Cummings Triumphs

MONROVIA-The political leader of the Alternative National Congress-ANC has won the party’s  standard bearership  after a convention on Wednesday that brought several thousands of delegates at its national headquarters in Congo Town.

At a colorful ceremony which was witnessed by  partisans and nonpartisans, brought Mr. Cummings on top. This means, he will  now represent the ANC in the  upcoming  CPP convention slated for December this year.

Mr. Cummings

By that, he will be contesting for the official  head  of the CPP. Anyone who emerges vicarious, will run against president George Weah and other presidential candidate that may  contest in 2023 presidential elections.

Mr. Cummings won on white ballot which many  people said suggests that  his popularity in the party is in place.   According to the records from the voting room, he won with 100  valid votes. There were ten  persons who did not vote. It is not known whether they were present  or not.  A tally of 104 people voted with  only four invalid votes.

Mr. Cummings’s party  is part of the CPP.  The CPP is a combination of four political parties-ANC, All Liberians Party-ALP, Liberty Party-LP and Unity Party-UP.  With his victory, it means he will contest  against former vice president Joseph Boakai of the  UP; the party which ruled Liberia for 12 years. He  was on September 11, 2021 voted by his party-UP as the  Standard bearer.

The other two parties: ALP, LP  leaders are unwilling to contest for the leadership of the CPP.  This means, both Benoni Urey and Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance (LP) support Boakai.

The CPP in its political framework document states that  all political parties that are interested in putting up  a candidate for the standard bearer ship   of the CPP, should submit the name before the primary.

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