Cummings to ‘Fight’ Boakai

….says he will win

MONROVIA-The political leader of the opposition political party, Alternative National Congress-ANC, Mr.  Alexander Cummings is set to  take on former vice president, Joseph Boakai,  now leader of the Unity Party-UP come December 2021 in   a political ‘fight’  for the chairmanship  of the CPP.

The CPP is a combination of four political parties-ANC, All Liberians Party-ALP, Liberty Party-LP and Unity Party-UP.   Two of the political party leaders: ALP, LP  are unwilling to contest for the leadership of the CPP.  This means, both Benoni Urey and Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance (LP) support Boakai.

Anyone who wins the  December convention of the CPP, will challenge  president George Weah in the 2023 election.

Mr. Cummings   won on white ballot at national convention which brought delegates from Liberia’s 15 political sub division.

With this, all is set for the convention in December  this year for Mr. Cummings  63 years old(he will turn 64  on December 7, 2021) will take on   75 years old Boakia( He will turn 76years on November 30, 2021).

If Cummings wins, he will take on president Weah, who turns 55 years today, October 1, 2021.

Addressing this supporters at the convention on September 29, Mr. Cummings  expressed confidence of his victory  at the  CPP’s convention. Not only that, but also assured  his supporters of  defeating president George Weah in the 2023 presidential elections.

The CPP in its political framework document states that  all political parties that are interested in putting up  a candidate for the standard bearer ship   of the CPP, should submit the name before the primary. The UP submitted the name of Mr. Boakai recently.

Mr. Cummings said: “ANC, hear me today – Liberians everywhere, hear me well: Real change is coming! After our victory in 2023 – because we will win the CPP nomination to make President Weah a one-term president – every new daybreak in our country will be another day we will work as best as we can to change the living conditions of all Liberians,” he told the delegates.

Below is the text of Mr. Cummings at the convention:

“Our children deserve better schools and learning opportunities. Those who are sick, infected and our pregnant mothers deserve better care and more affordable hospitals and clinics. Our young people deserve better opportunities for employment and empowerment. How can we build a better future for Liberia without investing in Liberian youth who own the future?

“Doctors, nurses, teachers, military and paramilitary personnel, civil servants – all deserve better salaries and wages. Those who honorably serve their country and are now retired deserve better service and care from their country.

“Our prisons need to give people a chance to reform rather than to harden them into being tougher criminals. Our streets, homes and communities need to be safer from the rising wave of crimes and mysterious murders. Those who sell bitter boil to send their children to school deserve to see their children lives improve so that when they are old, and can no longer sell, their children will be in a better position to care for them.

“It looks like this government has forgotten, or they do not know, that these things are part of the job of the government too. Things are getting only worse. So, in 2023, this thing they na able, we will take it from them!”

“Words cannot express the tremendous grief our nation is experiencing over the tragedies of the past months. As a people and a nation, we are stunned. We mourn the tragic loss of lives and our deepest sympathies go out to the victims, their families, and friends. We commend the courage of the women’s movement, civil society and other partners who have been championing the call for justice. Let me announce that we will work with everyone to pressure the Government into action.

“We cannot allow ritualistic killings to become the normal way of life in Liberia. There is also an urgent need for all political leaders of the CPP and all opposition leaders to come together to make a joint statement in demand of justice. We must stand up for our people and work together to ensure the security for all Liberians,” Cummings said, noting that 174 years ago, Liberia, having itself to the world as a new nation, still remains divided and troubled today.

“Externally, Liberia was threatened and dependent. 174 years later, we are still divided and troubled, and we continue to depend on other nations to feed ourselves and even to pay officials of our government, and our civil servants. This is not because our country is poor. It is because those we have trusted to manage our country’s riches have managed it poorly, only taking care of themselves, their families and their friends, and leaving the rest of the country to suffer.

“It is time to end the divisions. It is time to solve the nation’s many troubles. It is time to manage ourselves better. It is time to use our rich soil to feed ourselves and sell our surplus to the world. It is time to use Liberia’s wealth to better the living conditions of all Liberians everywhere in the country. It is time to end the stealing in government!

“ANC, hear me today – Liberians everywhere, hear me well: Real change is coming! After our victory in 2023 – because we will win the CPP nomination to make President Weah a one-term president – every new daybreak in our country will be another day we will work as best as we can to change the living conditions of all Liberians. Kpelle Liberians, Kru Liberians, Mano Liberians, Gio Liberians, Bassa Liberians, Grebo Liberians, Sarpo Liberians, Krahn Liberians, Mandingo Liberians, Congau Liberians, Gola Liberians, Gbandi Liberians, Kissi Liberians, Lorma Liberians, Via Liberians, Mendi Liberians, Belle Liberians, Dey Liberians, Christian Liberians, Muslim Liberians, Male Liberians, Female Liberians – all Liberians, at home and abroad, we will welcome you with open arms to a new day of working together, and to equally share not just Liberia’s problems and hard work but also Liberia’s solutions and riches.

“Today, we promise to bring honor by example to public service where public servants will work for the public and not for themselves. We promise to build a new and better future not by depending on others, but by depending on ourselves to do the right things the right way.

“After we beat President Weah in 2023, kro-kro-gee BISNAY FINI… You-know-who-I-am BISNAY FINI… Lying to the people BISNAY FINI… Who-know-you BISNAY FINI… Monkey work baboon draw BISNAY FINI… Boy child can go to school but girl child can’t go to school BISNAY FINI… Woman supposed to stay in the kitchen and only men supposed to get government job or run for political office BISNAY FINI…

“Treating women like they don’t have the same rights BISNAY FINI… Raping women and children BISNAY FINI… Killing women and children for juju BISNAY FINI… Too many Liberians going to bed hungry BISNAY FINI…

“Your stealing then you “harmonizing” other people pay BISNAY FINI… Government paying for government officials to go to hospitals in foreign countries because the same government can’t fix the hospitals where ordinary citizens and their children will go to BISNAY FINI… Brown envelope BISNAY FINI. Pay for Justice BISNAY FINI. Nepotism BISNAY FINI. Tribalism BISNAY FINI.

“Only poor man can be guilty of committing the same crime big man committed BISNAY FINI… If a poor man will go to jail for the same crime the big man did, then the big man will go to the same jail! You want government money but you na want account for how you use it BISNAY FINI… Spending government money on yama-yama things BISAY FINI… Government officials taking bribes to do the work the government paying them to do BISNAY FINI!

“ANC, hear me today – Liberians everywhere, hear me well: Real change is coming! Because I believe in real change – because I believe our country needs to seriously change; because I know that ANC is ready to lead that change – today, I am proud and very thankful, to accept the democratic expression of the partisans of the Alternative National Congress, assembled in this Extraordinary National Convention, to allow me proudly bear the ANC’s Standard against others in the CPP, and ultimately, against the failed, corrupt and incompetent leadership of President Weah in 2023.

“Fellow Partisans: I know that there is work ahead to be done. But, I promise you, we will do the work. There are doubts to be erased. We will work as hard as we can to erase those doubts. There are still many who are stuck in Liberia’s past. We will work as hard as we can to bring them into the new future that is possible for the country. We will work, and I am confident – we will win!”



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