Cummings statement untrue ….says Gol

The Liberian government has described as untrue statements made by Alexander Cummings that he failed to give any evidence. The statement was made in a press statement issued by the Ministry of Information.

“The Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism takes note of the tirade recently uttered by the political leader of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander Cummings, who has again repeated the routine and unsubstantiated claims of corruption against the Weah Administration, while also spewing out allegations of state-sponsored crimes,” it said.

That these false claims are once again being made without an iota of evidence – just the rut soundbites about “16 billion” (which was debunked by the Kroll report) or the “25 million” lies – hoping that the unsuspecting public will accept the stale strategy is not at all surprising. What is surprising to us is having a politician desperately attempting to resuscitate his miniature political stature by acting out of character and throwing insults to satisfy his base.

The statement said; “Not once in the entire statement did Mr. Cummings cite any evidence of corruption other than raving about “rogues” or “stealing”. The government has taken unprecedented actions to help
curtail the societal menace of corruption, including by the introduction of landmark legislations which would expand the powers of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission to independently investigate and prosecute offenders, and also empower whistle-blowers. Where there have been probable cause to act against impropriety, the President has done so – including prosecuting his officials.”

The government also investigated to finality, with the assistance of the U.S. embassy, the deaths of some professional Liberians – just as it did in the case of the “16 billion” hoax and the mop up exercise. None of these reports implicated the government in any “state-sponsored murders”, the reason no international rights group has made the claim – not even the annual U.S. Human Rights report.

That a leader of a political party will regurgitate word on the street just shows the level of despair.

Regarding suggestions from some quarters about a War and Economic Crimes Court, the government’s position on the matter remains the same: It is a sovereign decision that the Liberian people should make. This has since been the position of the Liberian government expressed by President Weah to the United Nations and the Liberian Legislature.

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