Cummings Shows Strength


The political strength of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) cannot be overlooked in these elections he continues to pull thousands of Liberians are who are supporting his Presidential bid.

On Sunday, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) launched its biggest political rally at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATC) turning the entire city of Monrovia white as supporters and partisans of the CPP stormed the ATS in their official white and green outfits symbolizing the collaboration between the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and Liberty party (LP).        

Dozens of political axillaries of the CPP, interest and civil society groups as well as inter-religious groups and supporters of Legislative Aspirants turned out in the tens of thousands on Sunday, October 1 in support of the Collaborating Political Parties’ Victory Rally held at the ATS in Monrovia.

Axillaries included the Global Youth Movement, Wings of Cummings, Moboidral for Cummings, Progressive Liberians for Cummings, CPP Bestees for Life, Cummings Support group, Friends of Pat Mandela, Wisner and Attorney Lawrence Sua, Sambola, Nancy, Brisco and Roseline turned out in their numbers on Sunday for the biggest political rally of the CPP at the ATS.

Others were the Cummings Alternative Girls, Royal Sisters for Cummings, Alternative Girls, Alliance for Justice and Democracy, Young Professionals of Liberia, Acrowd Liberia, Mentrol Bloc 106, Professionals for Cummings, the CPP National Youth Congress, Innovative Youth for Cummings, the WFC- Church and the Liberia Solidarity Party.

Hundreds of thousands of supporters of Independent and CPP Montserrado and Bomi Counties Legislative Representative Candidates also turned out en masse, along with Montserrado County Representative Yekeh Kolubah at the pre-victory rally described by a political commentator as the “largest political gathering” in recent times at the ATS in Monrovia.

Liberian Performing Artists entertained the crowd with beautiful instrumental music as various other political and support groups danced to campaign songs in support of the CPP Standard-bearer, Alexander B. Cummings’ presidential bid.

The ATS was jammed-packed to capacity with an overflow of citizens dressed in the CPP official colors of red, white and green spread outside the stadium on the United Nations Drive and Lynch Street in Monrovia.

Citizens began converging on the ATS as early as 10 a.m. local time six hours ahead of the official program.

The CPP Standard-bearer later arrived at the venue accompanied by his wife Teresa, Vice Standard-bearer, Counselor Charlyne M. Brumskine along with hundreds of partisans, supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers.

The CPP Victory Rally turned out to be the biggest musical extravaganza and jamboree with echoes of music all around the ATS as citizens danced with great excitement.

The arrival of Mr. Cummings and his courage ignited the thousands of supporters with renewed energy and zeal who danced and shouted slogans such as, “Cummings is the man we want.”

Addressing the tens of thousands of partisans, supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers, the CPP Standard-bearer expressed gratitude to the organizers, Legislative Aspirants, and all Liberians for the huge turnout at the “Victory Rally.”

Cummings assured Liberians that a CPP Government would mark a turning point in the economic life of the Liberian people and would provide decent paying jobs and restore basic infrastructure including good roads, hospitals and schools as well as other social services that would ease the suffering and extreme poverty.

He urged Liberians to turn out en masse on October 10 and give President George Weah a “red card” for his poor leadership performance which has subjected the vast majority of citizens to extreme hardship and deplorable living conditions.

Earlier, CPP Vice Standard-bearer, Counselor Charlyne M. Brumskine cautioned Liberians against repeating past mistakes of electing wrong leaders blamed for the hardship and suffering of the vast majority.

She denounced the 12-year rule of the Unity Party for rampant corruption and the six-year inept leadership of President Weah for massive fraud and poor governance.

The CPP’s Vice Standard-bearer urged Liberians to reject both the Unity Party and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) at the October 10 polls. “You can’t leave from 12 years of suffering, endure another six years of hardship and suffering, and want to go back. Liberians must vote them out,” Counselor Brumskine said.

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