Cummings Remains Optimistic

As the National Elections Commission (NEC) continues to tally and announce provisional results of the October 10, 2023 Presidential Elections, one of the main opposition leaders, Alexander B. Cummings, Standard-bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) remains optimistic about the prospects of a peaceful election.

“What we expected didn’t materialize from yesterday’s elections, but we still remain optimistic about the prospects of a peaceful election once the final results are announced. The message of change was clearly expressed and delivered; unfortunately, the voters decided our platform wasn’t the one they needed. It is politics and as such we will support whoever wins once it is officially announced,” Cumming said.

“We remain committed to the principles and values of CPP; I think we have a great future ahead of us. Losing may be sometimes difficult to accept, however, it sometimes prepares you for future tasks.” CPP Alexander Cummings posted on his official Facebook page.

Cummings, a former senior Executive of Coca-Cola Worldwide, ran on a promise to, “Fix’ Liberia’s broken economy,” by finding funds to regularize salary payment for government employees, implementing mandates to improve pay and conditions of service for civil servants, especially the security sector employees, healthcare workers, and teachers.

Other promises of the Cumming’s manifesto is offering microloans to small businesses including market women to expand and obtain creditworthiness, including the launch of a $20 million empowerment fund to support women and youth-owned businesses as well as farmers through the provision of microfinance schemes for new businesses and farmers to kick start focus on entrepreneurs and enterprise development to support SME business incubation.

The freezing of all taxes and regulations at current levels, revision of appropriate business-friendly, tax and regulatory environment, including the convening of a forum with farmers and agribusiness experts from across the country to make recommendations on how to double Liberian rice production within 2 years, cut the price of Liberian rice by 25%, and improve the quality of Liberian rice seed, especially the enforcement of the “Liberianization” policy.

Initial votes count in Liberia’s, October 10 elections now puts former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, ahead of incumbent President George Manneh Weah, while Mr. Alexander B. Cummings trailed far behind, but the Collaborating Political Parties’ Standard-bearer remains optimistic as he awaits the final results of the elections.

The initial tally captures two of the fifteen counties including Bomi and Montserrado counties, totaling 16 polling places constituting 0.27% of 5,890 polling places across the fifteen counties. Incumbent George Weah is behind his major rival with 1,681 votes while opposition leader, Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party obtained 3,119 votes.

Nineteen (19) candidates are opting to replace the incumbent President George M. Weah, but early results show three top candidates, Joseph Boakai (UP), George Weah (CDC), and Alexander Cummings of the CPP.

In Bomi County, out of a total of 171 polling precincts constituting 7.60%, with a total of three precincts reporting a total of 3972 votes and 143 invalid votes, puts Joseph N. Boakai, Unity party in the lead with 2,500 votes constituting 64.0%, while President George M. Weah has a total of 1,134, constituting 28.54%, followed by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), of former Coco-cola Executive, Alexander B. Cummings with 32 votes constituting 0.81%.

In Montserrado County, which hosts the Capital Monrovia, the NEC Chairperson, Cllr.  Lansanah announced that out of a total of 2008 polling precincts, three have reported with Unity Party receiving a total percentage of 47.58%, while the ruling CDC received 45.17%, followed by the CPP with 3.22% votes.

A total of 16 polling places from two counties (Bomi & Montserrado) have been reported so far which constitutes 0.27% of 5,890 polling places across the fifteen counties.

Incumbent President George Weah is behind major rivals with 1,681 votes, and opposition leader, Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party obtained 3,119 votes.

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