Cummings’ Political ‘Death Squad’?

….As Ellen Unleashes Political Confidants

MONROVIA-As the 2023 general and presidential elections draw near, it appears that the   Alternative National Congress political leader Alexander B. Cummings has unleashed what many of his supporters call the political “death squad”.

Cummings’ political ‘death squad’ comprised mostly of individuals of former Ellen Johnson’s administration who were in the former ruling Unity Party to be back in business.

Those of Ellen’s political Army who are now back in Business were politically orphans who were in search of political homes for refuge.

Cummings officially announced the political ‘death squad’ as the 2023 campaign team he disclosed that president George Weah has failed to address those concerns that are affecting the Liberian People thus depriving them of leadership for nearly six years.

Speaking at the ceremony Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at the CPP headquarters, Mr. Cummings said it was time to defeat president Weah at the polls in 2023.

Those named are Julia Duncan Cassell,  former  Gender Children and Social Protection minister during Sirleaf’s administration,  George Wisner former  Director of  the National Investment Commission, Daniel Chea former Defense Minister, during the regime of former president, Charles Taylor and one time close friend to ex-president Sirleaf.

Other – members of Cummings’ 2023 Campaign Team are Dr. Togar Gayewea McIntosh, former Foreign minister for madam Sirleaf. Amb. Lewis Garseedah Brown, former Information minister during the same administration.

The CPP Boss said “We wish to use the opportunity of this occasion to also reassure all Liberians that we will work with everyone for real change beyond tribes, religion, gender, and political parties. Truly, Liberia deserves better. Liberians deserve better”. But he failed to elaborate how such changes will be effected.

For his part, former information Lewis G. Brown stated that the Country under the leadership of President George  Weah was returning to a failed state , and is time that all Liberians join ranks in supporting the Presidential bid of Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings for the presidency.

Ex-minister Brown said that the CDC-led government is no longer in charge of the leadership of this Country.

“There are rumors all over the Country that Mr. Cummings does not have any Government Knowledge and as such the Liberian people should not vote for him, but I can tell you here today that this is the person that is well placed and ready to lead the Country comes 2023.”

He added: “Let me tell you all here today that we will sweep the entire political division of Liberia comes 2023 so let it be clear to all of those who are taking us for a joke.”

He however did not rule out any firm challenge from the CDC.

“Pro-government supporters always say Cummings came fifth place with 7% of the votes out of more than 15 presidential candidates despite him getting in the race 18 months to the 2017 elections, but this time around they are going to see the CPP win with 70% of the total votes come 2023.”

“We do not just go to win but to make a massive change under the Alexander Cummings administration, especially tackling the issue of the rule of law and human rights.”

“Cummings is a good man. He is a good man who doesn’t take gossip from anyone, and this makes him a good leader, especially is the level of experience from the Coco Cola He will make a big change”.

“I can assure the Liberian people and the standard bearer of the CPP, Hon. Alexander Cummings that hope is alive, and the peace of Liberia will be protected no matter the challenges and temptation.”

The full list :

  1. Togar Gayewea McIntosh
  2. Lewis Garseedah Brown
  3. George Gyude Wisner
  4. H. Dan Morias
  5. Jonathan Boye Charles Sogbie
  6. Madam Julia Duncan-Cassell
  7. Madam Mariama D. Sangare
  8. Daniel Chea
  9. Roland Siddiq Kamara
  10. Lafayette Gould
  11. Larry Nyanquoi
  12. Yekeh Kolubah
  13. Emmanuel Yartoe
  14. Aloysius Toe
  15. Martin Saye Kollah
  16. Madam Nicky Jah
  17. William Moyes
  18. Ma Kula Morris
  19. Othelo Krayee
  20. David Benito
  21. Peter Nuyan
  22. Chernor Jalloh
  23. David Bajibo
  24. Madam Queenyah Thomas Saturday
  25. Elder Rufus Saydee
  26. Robell Gbeintor
  27. Elder Jallah
  28. Madam Carmena Abdallah
  29. Ma Musu Sanoe
  30. Chris Dossen
  31. Josiah Kennedy
  32. Rodney Wilson
  33. Madam Wadei Powell
  34. Momo Sambola
  35. Lawrence Sua
  36. Onesimus James
  37. Madama Louise Duarto
  38. Madela Geeplay
  39. Madam Aumuo Ebanks
  40. Madam Vivian Sendolo Norman
  41. Madam Kebbeh Collins
  42. Samuel Dean
  43. Victor Saye
  44. Jethro SK Harris

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