Cummings Picks Bone with President Weah

…Says Weah is Running Liberia like an “Irresponsible” Father

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The Collaborating Political Parties Leader, Alexander B. Cummings is again picking bones with President George M. Weah.

At his Monday, May 1, 2023, press conference at the   Headquarters of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) on 19th Street Sinker, The Alternative National Congress (ANC) Political Leader, Alexander B. Cumming said President Weah is running Liberia like an irresponsible father to his family.

He said the Liberian Leader is always in the habit of begging international partners for support.
“He always begs his neighbors to feed his family and pay his rent” Cummings said.
According to Cummings, President Weah is about to leave the county again for another wasteful trip abroad as the country is faced with a financial crisis.
The ANC’s Boss said that President Weah and his officials have created bad governance for the people of Liberia.

Cummings indicated that under President Weah’s Administration, legislators and government officials have failed to exercise their responsibilities to the Liberian people.
The ANC’s Leader pointed out that those who should be stopping drugs trafficking in Liberia are the ones facilitating and protecting those who bring drugs into the country and selling it in various communities (he failed to give name of those officials)

“Some of the new drugs are so dangerous that our youths have begun to die from it,” he revealed.
According to Mr. Cummings, President George M. Weah does not care about the Liberian people.
Mr. Cummings indicated that under the Administration of President Weah, many private centers were established, and those centers are not working because they have received none of the 2022 budget allocations of about $13,000 United State Dollars.

The CPP’s Leader disclosed that the Liberia Revenue Authority reported that it has collected more money in the past four years.

“So, where is the money?” he asked a rhetorical question.
Mr. Cummings revealed that the Liberia Economic has risen by three percent (3%) in 2022 under the administration of President Weah.

Mr.  Cummings noted that Liberians are not benefiting from the so-called growth.
“Our people are suffering from poverty and hardship”, he said.
“We know that the President, Vice President, Speaker, Senate Pro-temple and Deputy Speaker are the only five people in Liberia that get more money from the budget”, he added. “Our ordinary citizens go hungry and continue to suffer”, he lamented.
Mr. Cumming indicated that if President Weah has any shame and respect for the office of the presidency, he (Weah) will leave office.

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