CSO Group Troubled Over Costa’s Recent Action

It is with great concern that we address the recent developments surrounding Henry P. Coasta, a figure who has been regarded as an activist and a voice for the Liberian people.

As an organization committed to transparency and integrity, we are deeply troubled by the revelations that have tarnished Mr. Coasta’s reputation and caused distress among the citizens of Liberia.

The recent instability in Mr. Coasta’s relationship with political parties in Liberia has led to a situation where the trust placed in him by the Liberian people has been compromised. As an activist, Mr. Coasta was entrusted with the responsibility of representing the voices of the people and advocating for their rights. However, his actions have regrettably fallen short of the standards of honesty and transparency that the people of Liberia deserve.

We acknowledge the disappointment and disillusionment felt by the people of Liberia as a result of Mr. Coasta’s misleading conduct. It is essential for public figures to uphold the highest ethical standards, especially when they are in positions of influence and advocacy. The impact of Mr. Coasta’s actions on the public’s trust cannot be understated, and it is imperative that he be held accountable for his missteps.

Moving forward, we urge Mr. Coasta to reflect on the gravity of the situation and take meaningful steps to address the concerns that have arisen. It is our hope that he will demonstrate a renewed commitment to transparency and integrity, and work to rebuild the trust that has been compromised. The people of Liberia deserve leaders and advocates who are steadfast in their dedication to serving the public good and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

The Light Foundation is deeply concerned by recent reports indicating that Mr. Henry P. Coasta is seeking to return to the Unity Party and request forgiveness for his past actions. While we believe in the importance of redemption and second chances, it is crucial that any such decision be accompanied by tangible reasons and a genuine commitment to accountability and ethical conduct.

Mr. Coasta’s desire to return to the Unity Party must be accompanied by concrete steps to address the concerns that led to his departure and the erosion of trust among the Liberian people. It is essential that he demonstrates a sincere willingness to rectify past mistakes and uphold the principles of transparency and integrity that are fundamental to effective governance and public service.

Furthermore, should Mr. Coasta be considered for a role within the incoming government, it is imperative that the government thoroughly assess his suitability and integrity in light of recent events. The people of Liberia deserve leaders who are unwavering in their commitment to ethical conduct and the public good, and any decision to include Mr. Coasta in the government must be made with utmost consideration for the best interests of the nation and its citizens.

The Light Foundation stands firm in its commitment to holding the Unity Party’s government accountable for its decisions and actions. If Mr. Coasta is granted a prominent role within the government without a clear demonstration of accountability and a renewed dedication to ethical leadership, we will be vocal and unwavering critics. It is our duty to advocate for transparency and integrity in governance, and we will not hesitate to fulfill this responsibility should it become necessary.

As an organization, we remain dedicated to the advancement of a just and principled society in Liberia, and we remain committed also to supporting the people of Liberia and advocating for the principles of accountability and transparency. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and stand in solidarity with the citizens of Liberia as they unfold.

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