Criminal Court ‘E’ Releases 14 Inmates


By R Joyclyn Wea

Criminal Court “E” Judge Serena Galarwula has allegedly released a little over fourteen (14) rape suspects from the Monrovia central prison on probation for what she terms as ‘better behavior’.

Those beneficiaries of judge Galarwula alleged better behavior include: Tete Sumo, Jallah Kollie, Junior Gabawer, Morris Benson and Romeo Peter among others.

This is believed to be a joint effort by the Criminal Court “E” and that of the Ministry of Justice.

These individuals would be closely monitored by the Ministry of Justice and if found in any unlawful act, one risks going back to jail and could never appear on the better behavior list.

One of the released suspects who spoke with judicial reporters complained of alleged maltreatments by correction officers at the prison compound noting that detainees are being fed once a day by government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice.

The situation couple with alleged poor medical treatment, Jallah Kollie claimed many persons will miss their lives at the prison compound.

Kollie, who had spent over five years at the prison center bewailed that he and others released suspects were advised to be good citizens while on probation and not to go after their accusers.

He explained that since his detention, he had not been giving a day in court or being trialed to ascertain whether or not he is guilty of the crime rape being accused of; something which contradicts the law as well as violates his constitutional right.

Kollie further alleged that Correction Officers and employees are responsible for the trafficking of drugs at the prison center.

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