Creeping Turmoil?

-Reflection Of Failed Enforceability; Indeed The Weaknesses Rooted In The Character Of Some Trailblazers Presented COVID-19, An Unchecked Visa

A deeply troubled resident of Morris’ Farm, Paynesville, Mr. Joseph T. Zinnah explaining his fear-prone saga upon learning that the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has finally shown face in Liberia, noted that when Ebola tragically wiped out over four thousand people; the window of hope was still available which was used by some members of the international community to pool their human, financial and technical resources together in helping Liberia to overcome the deadly scourge.

Zinnah, still overwhelmed in the stage of shock, told this paper Tuesday, March 17, 2020 that his whole family and entire community were stunned when they heard that COVID-19 has entered the country and knowing the risk already set into motion against over 4 million people, it is still unthinkable to see another creeping turmoil stepping up to the plate based on the failure of enforceability to draw the red line and called spade a spade without being timid coupled with the rooted weaknesses found in the character of some trailblazers and implementers of orders or mandate.

According to him, the pathetic situation unlike Ebola, COVID-19 started devastating the economies, capacities, precious lives and the traditional way of livelihoodof countries that would have rushed to Liberia’shelp in containing the dreadfulmenace; arethemselvesstuck with much problem without any known and reliable solution in sightwhile at the same time being  the world’s most powerful and affluent nations confronted with such woes; it makes it more scaring for a country like Liberia suffering from a critically wounded  and non-functioning economy with almost of the health facilities saddled with tons of medical obstacles including many other odds to win a rapid sympathy out there, thereby leaving the fate of over 4 million to hang in the balance.

However, pundits are unhappy the least considering the shifting and shying away from responsibilities and wondered why the health protocols at the Roberts International Airfield (RIA) were not enforced to the letter without fear, favor or weakness rather allowed the terrifying nightmare to begin reminding the people of the horror and terror of Ebola.

The pundits also noted that there was no need for the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to have in any way, form and manner set any record straight by saying that President George M. Weah was misled from the information he gave out concerning activities that occurred at the RIA involving the Director General, Dr. Nathaniel Blama regarding the Coronavirus, being cognizant of the Constitutional authority that all appointees by the Executive serve at the will and pleasure of the President, and the best thing EPA could have done in the process is to keep quiet at the juncture instead of setting the record straight which observiously implies that the President lied to the people of Liberia in particular and the whole world in general regarding what transpired at the RIA that resulted into COVID-19 hitting the Liberian soil with over 4 million people’s lives being put at risk.

But after the president made the announcement, his (Blama’s) office immediately released a statement on its official website, apparently in defense of Mr. Blama.  It appears the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defended its boss after the speech of President George Weah on Monday. The post said the president was ‘misinformed’ and Nathaniel T. Blama was a law abiding citizen.

“The president was probably misinformed. It is our hope that the correct information will be put out there,” the post which was later removed from the EPA social media page said.

The statement further added: “Dr. Nathaniel T. Blama, Sr., went through the regular screening at the RIA along with other government officials (whom the statement did not name any of them) to be identified.”

The statement continued that he voluntarily requested additional testing knowing he was from Switzerland. The Test came out positive and he went into self-quarantined and later drove himself to a government quarantine testing center.

The EPA statement continued: “The information given to the president is incorrect. Dr. Blama is law abiding and if he had voluntarily not asked for additional testing, no one would have known he is positive. He informed his entire staff about the result. It is important to note that he drove himself to the treatment center. Photos circulated were shared by himself to his staff that he is positive.”

According to them, (pundits) despite the spreading of fake news posted on the facebook that the latter (Blama) was being declared negative which has been rated false coupled with the rumors that the government was scheming to get some money from the international community and other friendly countries including friends and institutions which all formed a notorious myth worthy of total dismissal without second thought; what should be of paramount concern and obligation to the ruling establishment is to ensure that the people survive in a safe environment devours of high core deception that will breed severe human tragedy as was the case of Ebola by virtue of casualty.

In a phone-in radio talk show hosted on the JOY FM Station in Monrovia on Thursday, March 19, 2020, many callers also registered their fear that most of the health facilities are badly challenged and signaled out Grand Bassa County’s only government hospital being too vulnerable in the face of Coronavirus with no hand-gloves for nurses to wear and attend to patients according to one medical doctor.

However, the superintendent of the county did not accept the medical doctor’s assertion lightly and charged by urging the doctor to desist from politicizing the plight of the hospital by stating that the county is vulnerable as Coronavirusis already in the country.

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