CPP Pulls Thousands In Dist.#4

The ruling CDC and the opposition Unity Party visited yet none may compare a massive turnout of the CPP in District#4 amidst heavy downpour of rain on Sunday.

Over 10,000 citizens and cheering partisans and supporters comprising predominantly women from various communities including the Soul Clinic and F-Sham field communities of District #4, Montserrado County turnout under the heavy rain in support of Collaboration Political Party (CPP) of former Corporate expert, Alexander B.  Cummings when he and his team visited District#4.

The citizens most of whom were women and young people endorsed the Presidential bid of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Standard-bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

The program organized by a group of women, under the banner of W-Force Women for Cummings, attracted hundreds of women, girls, and first-time voters from the 17 Districts of Montserrado County.

The W-Force Women for Cummings is an independent women’s movement that cut across various women, organizations, communities, schools, professionals, civic society, and interest groups, committed to mobilizing women, girls and men nationwide to support and vote Cummings as the next President of Liberia.

A spokesperson for the Women For Cummings expressed confidence in the professional integrity, qualifications and competence of Mr. Cummings as the best to effect the needed changes in Liberia and vowed to support him.

Wearing the Cummings and Brumskine t-shirts with banners from their various districts, the huge crown jam-packed the Soul Clinic F-Sham field and dance. The podium from which Cummings addressed the multitude of supporters from a podium mounted on a 40-foot container carrying truck.

Cummings expressed gratitude at the multitude of citizens, who he said left their busy schedule to attend his endorsement and pledged their support to his Presidential bid come October 10.

He extended special thanks to the organizers, the W-Force Women for Cummings for the massive mobilization of women, girls, men, and first-time voters, with pledged that he would not disappoint them or dash their hopes for a better Liberia.

A lady, identified as Ma Musu Gibson, 49, said she led a group of 200 women from her community in District # 4, to attend the program, because of her admiration and respect for Cummings and his agenda for real change in Liberia.

A group of girls in t-shirts, with banners of Cummings and Brumskine, who claimed to be first-time voters, expressed their admiration for the CPP choice of a young woman, reference to Counselor Brumskine, for which they promised to mobilize youths in support of the CPP Presidency come October 10.

Cummings promised to accord women their rightful place as equal partners in decision-making and would share equally in the wealth and resources of the country.

He said upon his election as President, the CPP’s primary focus would be to revive the ailing economy and establish a strong private sector for massive job creation for the thousands of unemployed Liberians.

Cummings vowed that within the first one hundred days in office, he would launch a U$20 million loan scheme for Liberian entrepreneurs including market women to grow and expand their businesses.




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