Cowfield subdues ALPHA-2-1

MONROVIA-It was a humiliating time for Alpha Old Timer  Sports Association on their own pitch when  COTA-Cowfield Old Timers Sports Association beat them  2-1  to climax the LONA league on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

Alpha is this year’s champion of the Liberia OldTimers  Sport Association and  has the largest number of ex-football stars. Former  national Team players like Oliver Makor, Kelvin  Segbe, goal keeper Sunny Sieh and others feature in the game.

The game  climaxed  the  football season for the Old Timers Sports Association.  With ALPHA full team in sight, excluding its captain, Lenn Eugen Nagbe, the game started   on a slow pace without COTA main goal keeper, Augustine Seh Taylor.  Rather, COTA had its main striker, Bob Zeo in the goal post; a sing that gave Alpha the  zeal to score its first goal in the first twentieth  minutes of the first half.

The game started the second half with COTA  dominating  after putting in Mike Baye,  LONA one time best defender. The pressure led to awarding a penalty to COTA.  That was netted by Jerry Kaizor in the  seventy-fifth minute.

This, made  ALPHA entire technical team to wake up from their seats and started to give instructions to their players on the  pitch.

Still determined, COTA mounted  immense pressure on ALPHA that led to Kaizor netting the second goal in the 88th minute of the game.

With this,  Alpha’s stars like Kelvin, Oliver Makor became irritated  and struggled to find an equalizer, but they all their shots were denied by Bob Zeo.  With series of shots from both Kelvin and Makor, Bob Zeo  denied them  to enter the net.

This is not the first time for Alpha to suffer defeat in the hands of COTA. Since COTA entered the LONA league,  over three years ago, it has always beaten ALPHA  either on their  sports stadium or at a different venue. They either draw with  COTA ,but have never defeated the boys from the home of COW.

At the end of the game,  COTA main goal  keeper, Taylor commended the team  for the  way they played.

Prior to the commencement of the game, the chairlady for the team, madam Kim Harris Thomas encouraged them to  win. She  said, “we do not have big hands, but we have committed players who can deliver. I know my players will deliver.”

Mike Baye said, ‘ALPA is no match to COTA; with all their big players. We can disgrace them anytime, anywhere. Let the news go outside there that we have defeated  LONA Champion.”



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