Cow-Field Actg. Leadership Blows Horn

MONROVIA-The leadership of the Cow Field Community in Paynesville says it has achieved more in a short period of time since they were given the authority by the community’s Elders Counsel.

In March of 2021, the elders’ Counsel of the Cow-Field Community officially empowered Mr. Cyrus Z.T. Gweh as chairperson of the community to oversee the affairs of the area.

In an interview Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Gweh said since they took over as heads of the community, they have brought in changes that the community is proud of.

According to him, his leadership was greeted with challenges that he and his team are trying to overcome since they took over.

He indicated that the issue of a damaged transformer was one of the first things they were welcomed with.

He said the setting up of committees has helped to address some of those issues in the area.

Making reference to damaged transformers, he said the transformer connecting parts of blocks B, C and D capacity was 50 KVA, but due to their leadership’s work through the committees, they were able to task each household with a reasonable amount that led to them receiving 250 KVA instead of the previous one.

“I want to say thanks to the committees for such a great work because for me as the chairman cannot do it all by myself, that is why through consultations, I have managed to get far-sighted people on my team to achieve more”, he said.

He said the issue of transformers is something of the past for those in that part of the community.

Speaking Additionally, he said they have succeeded for the first time to open the community’s first bank accounts.

Some of the things he boasted of is, that he is the first person to make a financial report of what he received as chairperson of the community.

Gweh said as a leader when he took over, he noticed that the constitution of the community had some shortcomings thus making him to set up a review committee to change some of the clauses which he said, were not strong enough.

“There were some weak clauses in the constitution which were violated bypassed leaders, so when we took over, we saw the need to review it to fit present day’s reality,” Gweh said.

According to him, with the result of the review, no leader will have his or her will impose on the people.

“We will be officially receiving the revised copy of the constitution which will be endorsed by the community in a meeting in the coming days”, he added.

Gweh said the leadership has already written community to the community’s Election Commissioner for the conduct of the election in June of this year.

When he was asked, if he would contest in the coming election, Gweh said, “I am an interim leader, who has the responsibility to take the community to the election.”

He added, “if the community wants me to continue the work my team and I are doing, they will tell me what to do, but not me will impose myself on the people.”

He praised the community’s residents for the level of support and coordination they have given him since his preferment by the elders of the community; the support he said will live with him for the rest of his life.  


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