By: R. Joyclyn Wea

While Liberia’s judiciary witnessed the transition of Chief Justice, Justice Minister calls for regulation of the courtrooms particularly lawsuits.

Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, is Liberia’s Attorney General, he says the courtrooms are not hustle grounds as many lawyers see it, hence, filing of fated cases must be eliminated or criticized from the docket.

“In ending this, legal actors should reflect compensation for the usual party who is actively exposed to a frivolous suit, stressing that “Our courts are not hustle grounds,” Dean reiterated.

Cllr. Dean’s statement against this conduct of lawyers and clients is due to delay in cases which according to him, frustrate the ends of justice.

“While procedures are significant as they govern the nature of cases, they should not be excessively favored over substance”. He continues, “it may be essential to simplify or dispense some of the procedures which obstruct the quick disposition of cases.”

He further stressed on the practice of filing what he terms as unnecessary motions or resorting to corrective processes to delay justice or suspend fairness which must be discouraged. 

Meanwhile, Dean mentioned that since Liberia agreed to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the country has made marvelous development in promoting gender equality, which witness women in powerful positions in Government.

Cllr. Dean named the Rape Law; the Children Law and the Domestic Violence Law are laws that have been energetically enforced to end violence against women. 

At the same time, Min. Dean welcomed the renewed commitment to continue to dispense justice without fear or favor, commending Chief Justice Yuoh’s readiness to continue to treat all party litigants appearing before the Supreme Court equally without regard to status whether rich or poor. He pledges the Executive support and cooperation to the Judiciary Branch noting that, “it has been said that Montesquieu’s Concept of separation of powers does not imply antagonistic exclusivity.”

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