Court squashes beer factory motion to dismiss US$9000.00 Case

MONROVIA-The Presiding Judge of the Debt Court has squashed Beer Factory Incorporated motion to dismiss a nine thousand United States dollars case filed against her by the owner of the real estate where it currently operates.

The company was dragged to court by Matt Waye, Co-Administrator of the Jeda Tor estate located on the Bushrod Island after failing to a complainan filed an action of debt against beer factory incorporated claiming the amount of US$15,000.00 as rental amount due and unpaid.

The defendant filed an answer, plus a motion to dismiss, essentially contenting that the party’s  plaintiff has no standing to bring the action.

The defendants also contended that at no time did the complainant omit the extended letters of administration relied upon, rather the complainant only added the said document to its reply and resistance.

This appeal by the company’s lawyers was denied by Judge James Jones on grounds that the company is operating and making profit from the real estate as such, it should make good her obligations.

The court says, in a matter of debt or real estate, equity and justice are given permanence over legal technicality.

According to the judge, the real issue is whether the complainant is entitle to payment by the defendant for its land that the defendant is operating on and obtaining profit which is yes, because of that, the motion to dismiss cannot be permissible.

Meanwhile; Beer factory through its lawyers took an exception to the judge’s decision and announced that they would take appeal to the Supreme Court to undo the judge’s verdict.


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