Court Orders UP Properties Seized

MONROVIA-The Sixth Judicial Circuit Court at the Temple of Justice has commanded its Sherriff to seize and expose for sale the lands, goods, and chattels belonging to the Unity Party (UP).

The court’s decision followed a complaint filed against the Unity Party by the Worjoloh McClain Enterprise.

The enterprise alleged that the UP owes it the sum of US$250, 00.00 for rent of the previous party’s headquarters located in Congo Town.

The Writ of Execution stated that, “You are hereby commanded to seize and expose for sale the lands, goods, and chattels of the respondents herein names of the city of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, and if the sum realized therefrom be not sufficient, then you are to find and sell their real property until you shall have raised the sum of US$201,250.00.

In addition to the seizure and sale, the court commanded the Sheriff, “And if you cannot find said lands, goods, and chattel of the said respondents, you are commanded to arrest the living body and bring them before any Judge of competent jurisdiction to be dealt with according to the law unless they pay the said sum of money or show the property to you to seize and sell for same.”

The writ further said that upon receiving from the said sale or otherwise said sum of money, “you are further commanded to pay over to petitioner therein named the sum necessary to satisfy the judgment therein, and receive unto yourself the said costs and expenses and will make known to this Court at the present Term.”

It can be recalled that last year the Worjoloh McClain Enterprise, an estate of the McClain family of the late John McClain, former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs in former President Ellen Johnson’s UP-led government, took Unity Party to Court for its alleged failure to pay rent as of July 2018 for the multi-story building it occupied in Congo Town.

The McClain family in their lawsuit alleged that UP owes them US$180,000 from July 1, 2018, to July 30, 2021.

This means, UP’s agreement with the McClain family sets the rent payment at US$60,000 per annual but for the three years already exhausted, Unity Party has not met up with its obligation on rent payment.

UP has not denied owing the McClain family but has pleaded with the Court to give it some time to revisit the agreement documents and verify the amount as reported by the family.

Following the court order to seize and sell all properties of the Unity Party, it did not work because the Court Officers were prevented from executing said orders.

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