Court Orders Pres. Weah’s Aid Movement Restricted

By R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Criminal Court ‘A’ Judge Roosevelt Willie has restricted the movement of Madam Cleopatra Cummings, Deputy Chief of Protocol to President George Weah.

Ordering the re-arrests of Madam Cummings Monday, March 30, 2022 for refusal to appear before him, Judge Willie sets Friday as a day for the President’s aid to appear and sign in the attendance book of that honorable court until the matter is disposed of.

Judge Willie’s action is predicated upon the alleged failure of Madam Cummings to appear before the court despite promise made by her lawyer Kla Edward Toomey to surrender her to the court on March 22, 2022 with her human sureties.

Surprisingly, after making efforts to get the defendant on Tuesday by placing several calls to her lawyer while defendant Cummings could not appear, Cllr. Toomey did not pick up, but ran to the court on March 31, 2022, after the court-ordered her rearrested and be brought under the court’s jurisdiction for Bail Jumping.

Bail jumping is defined as a defendant’s failing to show up in court (thereby forfeiting bond) and then failing to surrender within a set time period. It gives the defendant 30 days to surrender after bond forfeiture before criminal charges can be filed.

Cllr. Toomey was detained for allowing his client to leave the country without informing that Judge and the Court after making a promissory note.

Madam Cummings was indicted by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County and charged with the crime of Aggravated Assault.

On March 18, 2022, Cummings was turned over to Criminal Court “A” by Cllr. Sayma  Syrenius Cephus, Solicitor General of Liberia for prosecution over the crime of aggravated assault that is likely to be amended to criminal attempt to commit murder at the start of the trial, according to Cephus.

Base on defendant Cummings’ assignment ground, the Court found it difficult to arrest her but Judge Willie of Court A wrote a communication to the Chief Prosecutor Cllr. Cephus to help arrest Cleopatra to be brought under the court jurisdiction.

It can be recalled that, defendant Cummings gashed a 36-year-old teacher identified as Grace Wah of the God is Good International School (GIG) in Barnesville.

Defendant Cummings on February 24, 2022, reportedly slashed Miss Wah with razor blades after brief arguments, but since Wah registered the case at the Zone 4 police depot in Gardnerville and, subsequently the Magisterial Court, the case has been stalled, while the alleged perpetrator boasted that nothing would come out of it.

The wound inflicted on Miss Wah’s face and beneath her eye resulted into 14 stitches, and was asked by nurses to seek treatment at an advanced hospital.


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