Court Ordered Bility To Produce Kidnapped Kids

By  Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA- Sidikie Bility, son of Liberian businessman Musa Bility  did not win his first battle   in Court after claims of him  allegedly  assaulting   both his wife and children physically.

Monrovia City Court Judge Jormah Jallah denied Bility’s motion to dismiss the charges filed against him by Warti Robinson, his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Bility was further mandated by the honorable Court to produce the children on or before the next court appearance that is expected to take place this Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at the temple of justice on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

Wart considered Judge Jallah verdict as great news on grounds that she had been unlawfully denied access to her kids for over six weeks.

According to court document, in an effort to get her kids back, Ms. Robinson obtained a writ of arrest from the Court of first instance in November last year, something which did not materialize.

Similarly, the City Court Judge has further ordered the bank to unfreeze Warti’s  account that was unknowingly and unlawfully closed by her husband Bility.

It can be recalled in November 2020, the Monrovia city court, predicated upon a lawsuit filed by Warti Robinson, issued a writ of arrest for Sidikie Bility for the crimes interference with child custody, theft of property and criminal conspiracy.

The writ states “you are hereby commanded to arrest the living body of Aaron C. Korboi, Mamie Sango, and Sidikie Bility to be identified defendants and bring them before the Monrovia City Court to answer to the charged levied against them.”

The document further indicated that the above mentioned defendants with criminal intent conspired purposely take possession of the two minors: Al’ Hussein Bility age eight and Sidikie Bility age five years without the consent of their mother Warti, wife of Mr. Bility.


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