Court Grants Bility Custody To Two Kids

MONROVIA-The civil law court has given custody of the two kids to their father, Mr. Sidikie Bility in keeping with new domestic relation law of Liberia.

Chapter 4, section 4.1 of the new domestic relations law says “A married woman is a joint natural guardian with her husband of the minor children of their marriage while they are living together and maintain one household. Each such parent shall be equally charged with their care, nurture, welfare and education.”

The law furthered that, “When such parents are living in a state of separation, the father shall be the custodian of the minor children of the marriage as against the claim of any person whomsoever; but if he is unable or morally unfit to perform his parental, leg, moral and natural duties toward his children or for any other reasons he fails or neglects to perform such duties, upon petition to a circuit court for a writ of behead corpus or other appropriate relief and a showing in the proceedings thereon of such inability, moral unfitness or failure on the part of the father, the minor Children of the marriage shall be entrusted to the mother or some other person who is capable of performing such duties.”

It can be recalled that following the dissolution of the marital contract between Sidikie Musa Bility and Warti Navy Robinson Bility, Sidikie Bility filed a bill of information July 1, 2021, praying the court to award him (Bility) full custody of their two minor children.

The custody of the two children had earlier been temporarily awarded to the father during the pendency of the divorce by Judge Peter Gbeneweleh.

In a verdict on Wednesday, Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay says, the instance case the allegation from either party taken literally has no sufficient proof.

Judge Gbeisay said assuming all the other allegations of Bility are not true but considering that the mother now resides in Hotel Africa Community, while the Children school is located in Congo Town, considering the school attendance records, considering that Mrs. Warti Clarke is pregnant which pregnancy she must have conceived while she was yet married to Mr. Sidikie Bility.

According to the Judge, such action, the court says may develop bad blood between the two men and it has the potential to transfer Mr. Clark aggression to the children.

Judge Gbeisay mentioned that there is no doubt that the father herein has better income as compare to the mother as  children wellbeing is paramount to the court is likely to be best served in the care of their father.

While in possession of the kids, Bility is been instructed by the court to allow the kids spend third weekend of every month and all holidays with their mother.

The ruling also states that Warti Robertson Clark shall file a bill of information before that honorable court to reconsider its decision when enough proof of immorality or violence is established while in the process of monitoring Bility’s moral conduct, social behavior and interaction with the Children.

Judge Gbeisay verdict further bewailed, “That the father being a Muslim and the mother a Christian, the children shall be allowed to worship in church and in the mosque until they reach their maturity and select their own religion.”

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