Court Gives Roots FM 72hrs Ultimatum!

Monrovia City Court Judge, Jomah Jallah has given Roots FM seventy-two hours (three days) ultimatum to respond to a bill of information filed by lawyers of government weeks ago.

The court was unable to continue with its Wednesday trail into this proceeding after being informed by prosecution that Roots FM legal team has failed to resist nor respond to the said bill of information since it was filed.

Prosecution informed the court on  July 21, 2021 that it filed a bill of information and same was served on the opposing party, but up to present, said bill of information has not been resisted by the movant respondent (Roots FM).

Prosecution further requested the court to urge movant respondent to resist said bill of information before moving with the trial of the case claiming that such plea is consistent with party in the jurisdiction.

Accordingly, Roots FM acknowledged receipt of the bill of information in question and begged the court for time so as to adequately respond.

A plea Roots FM lawyers claimed is in the spirit of transparent justice and fair play.

After  listening  to the submission and the corresponding resistant, Judge Jallah granted Roots FM plea and gave seventy-two hours for the station management to file their returns to the bill of information.

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