Country Losing Its Future

MONROVIA-“Those who believe that the only way to make money is to sell drugs, we must put them out of business,” the exact words of former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, as he officially launched a major anti-drug campaign in District #13, Montserrado County at the weekend.

The Drug Awareness and Resistance Education or DARE Movement is an initiative birthed by a prominent resident of the New Georgia Township, District #13, Mrs. Cornelia Kruah-Togba, to help tackle the problem of illicit drug dealing and abuse in the district and beyond.

Ambassador Boakai described the proliferation of narcotic substances and their abuse by largely the youthful population of Liberia as a national crisis that requires serious policy prescriptions and actionable programs.

He warned that the country is losing its future to the massive inflow and unchecked distribution and sale of illicit drugs to young people who should be in school acquiring academic knowledge and other meaningful skills to enable them positively impact society tomorrow.

The Unity Party Standard Bearer called on national leaders, particularly elected and appointed officials to respect their side of the social contract theory by ensuring that public resources are spent for the good of the public so that critical sectors and programs such as social welfare, public safety and security can be maintained.

VP Boakai noted that the widespread trading and abuse of drugs is fast giving rise to an army of thieves, gangsters, and a hopeless population of young people, a recipe for the threat to peace, public safety and security.

He thanked Madam Cornelia Kruah-Togba for conceiving and effectuating a brilliant idea that will not only go a long way in transforming dreams into realities for many young people and their families, but would also keep communities safe, lively and secured.

At the same time, VP Boakai added that God’s punishment awaits those who divert public resources intended to support national programs for the rehabilitation of affected youths, some of whom could become productive nation builders.

Speaking earlier, the progenitor of the anti-drugs campaign, Mrs. Cornelia Kruah-Togba said the project grew out of her painful concern for thousands of young people whose future was disappearing rapidly to illicit drugs, and also her desire to contribute meaningfully to societal cleansing and national development.

The program, she emphasized, is a way of showing care for young compatriots after so many years of living with them and watching them face the excruciating pains of neglect because of hardship and drugs.

She stressed her commitment to helping victims and other young people fight against poverty and drug abuse; harnessing all opportunities and options through collective effort and commitment to ending the war against the future of Liberia.

Also, UP Chairman Amin Modad, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, and ALP Political Leader Benoni Urey, all thanked Madam Kruah-Togba for her farsightedness in developing the hugely meaningful program for her community and the country.

They vowed to support the program and other similar ones geared towards lifting the lives of many to secure the future of the country.

Senator Dillon, in particular, pledged to continue his advocacy at the Legislature for more budgetary allotments to national programs aimed at curbing drug abuse and rehabilitate victims of the trade.


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