“Costa Must Be Arrested”

-Some Liberians Assert

MONROVIA-Several callers on local radio station Wednesday said Talk Show host, Henry P. Costa should be arrested if he comes back to Liberia.

“This man ran away from justice. His lawyer signed for him only to find out that he left him in bond. If he knew he did not do anything wrong, why did he flee the country,” Richard Kollie said on Joy FM.

Recently, D-15 Radio station said they would host “The Costa Show” soon. This led to the government issuing statement saying Costa was a ‘fugitive’ and would not allow him to use the airwaves of Liberia.

“This is not about stopping free speech. We are talking about a person who violated the law and escaped the country. I think the best thing the radio station can do is to encourage Costa to come and face justice,” he added.

Another caller, Moses Passawe said, no one is above the law of this country. “Can the WikiLeaks man, say anything on any radio station in America? No. I think the opposition is testing the strength of this government. Costa popularity will decrease soon.”

When some legal experts were asked on this, they had different views. “For me, I think everyone is entitled to free speech. But now that you are wanted to answer some questions and you escaped the country and want to use the same area to speak. This is wrong. I think he can communicate with his lawyer so that he can come to stand trial,” one spoke on condition of anonymity.

Another lawyer (name withheld) said, Costa was never taken to court for him to be found guilty. The best thing is that, he should face justice first before he can be prevented from speaking.”

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