Convicted Protocol Officer Attacks Journalist

MONROVIA-Minutes after being sentenced to five years, Cleopatra Cummings, Deputy Chief of Protocol to President Weah attacked several Journalists for allegedly taking her photography outside the court premise.

Criminal Court “A” reaffirmed Jurors’ numinous guilty verdict against the deputy chief of protocol for injuring a private citizens with razor blaze in their Barnesville community.

The court suspended two years from the five years sentence since Madam Cummings has had no prior criminal record up to the time of the incident; that means, she will now spend three years behind bar at the Monrovia Central Prison (South Beach).

The clerk of Criminal Court “A” has been instructed to inform the prison facility to implement said judgment.

The Judge’s decision was largely predicated upon the report from the Probation Officer of Monrovia County in which less than ten persons were interviewed about her character.

Eight of the ten alleged that the defendant is in the constant habits of attacking peaceful citizens without any remorse to human dignity while the other two said she is a straight forward person who had always taking complaints of those who go against her in the area.

In his judgment, Judge Willie said the defendant did admit to causing wounds on the victims, but with her, kneel which he said, is permissible hence, it works against her in favor of the victim.

While leaving the ground of the Temple of Justice which housed the Criminal Court “A”, this paper Judicial Reporter took her photograph in the process, the President’s deputy protocol officer and a lady believed to be her daughter, chased the reporter all the way in the Association of Judicial Reporters’ office; jumped on her, demanding she deletes her photo.

Court sheriffs, lawyers, journalists and other individuals who had gone to the Court to transact businesses had to go in defense of our reporter.

Cummings boosted that absolutely nothing would come out of her action against the journalist.

On March 11, 2022, Madam Cummings was indicted over an allegation of aggravated assault arising from a February 24, 2022 incident in which she inflicted several bodily wounds on victim Grace Wah, a private educator at the God is Good International School (GIG) with a razor blade in Barnesville.

The crime is a violation of section 14.20 of the criminal procedural law of Liberia. She pleaded not guilty to the charge thus joining the issue with the state.

Cummings, according to the indictment, approached the victim while she (victim Grace) was coming from work regarding a dirt side her fence at which time the victim allegedly admitted.

In the process defendant Cummings who had called the police, held Madam Wah’s clothes to prevent her from leaving on the grounds she had called the police.

The police withheld charging the defendant at the level of the police station on grounds that she was a big person in the government.

She was finally arrested by Court Sheriffs after the victim filed a complaint against her before Criminal Court “A”.

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