Confusion In ALCOP

By Mark B.Dumbar

A group of candidates from the All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) under the banner, “Candidates Caucus,” of ALCOP has disclosed that they were never consulted about the decision from their Standard-bearer to pledge support to the Unity Party for the Run-off Presidential Election.

According to them, in the soonest possible time, the Candidates Caucus will make it known as to which direction they will be taking instead of supporting any of the two Presidential Candidates who are going for the run-off.

They pointed out that the decision made by the executives was not in consultation with candidates that ran on the party’s ticket. “They spoke from the executive and not from us as candidates,” they added.

According to them, the partisans are asking as to which side to support for the run-off of the Presidential Election. They mentioned that they are speaking as the Candidates Caucus of ALCOP and have engaged the people in various districts during the just-ended elections in the country.

Also speaking, one Senatorial Candidate who ran on the party ticket said that the decision taken by the Standard-bearer, Lusinee Kamara was not in the interest of members of the Candidates Caucus of the party and such a decision cannot be adhered.

He added that the Standard-bearer should know that they control a hundred thousand people across ten counties in Liberia. “Before such decision is taken those that ran on the party ticket as candidates should be aware,” he added.

According to him, they were the people posted on the ballot papers during the elections and they have interacted with the people in various districts. “And they are monitoring us because they believed in us,” he pointed out.

Also, a Representative Candidate of the All-Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP), Sheriff, and the Candidates Caucus is a branch of ALCOP that has been established by candidates who ran on the party to decide for their people in the run-off presidential election.

According to him, the Candidates Caucus is looking through the cloud to see how best they can speak to the party executives to know the fate of the people they control in various districts.

He mentioned that whatever decision that is going to be made will be in the best interest of their people. “So, we want to make it clear that the Candidates Caucus of ALCOP has not decided on which way to go,” he stressed.

According to him, the people in their various districts see them as the way forward to help them benefit from any party that is going to win the run-off.

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