“Confused Findings, After Alleged Police Brutality”

-Victim Asserts, But Victim Detests Investigation Outcome, Vows To Seek Justice, Writes Letters To Relevant Authorities

At long last, the most anticipated findings into investigation of alleged police brutality against police officer, Inspector Mark Kardamie allegedly perpetrated by some superior officers (Det Rodney D. Macauley, ACP J. Kais Sampson, DCP John M. Saah and others of the Liberia National Police at the Metro II Police Station on Ashmum Street on March 26, 2018 at about 16:08 hours in Monrovia has been released.

Victim Inspector Mark Kardamie

The fight according to a report from the Professional Standards Department (PSD) resulted to aggravated assault criminal, mischief, seizure of a Samsung-S5 phone, gross insubordination among others.

The current chief of traffic, and then DCP, John M. Saah called then Montserrado County commander ACP Victor Gboyah requesting the presence of additional uniform officers at Metro II on Ashmum Street reference to violence situation.

The report says the situation was alarming that the PSD deputy chief DCP, DCP Randolph Dennis also received a phone call from DCP Saah predicated upon the graveness of the situation as explained by DCP Saah.

According to some excerpts documented by the LNP, Inspector Mark Kardamie allegedly issued terroristic threats, after threatening to burn a car for his balance money owed by ACP J. Kais Sampson which resulted into a fight and damaged of personal properties.

It’s alleged that Rodney Macauley got involve when he said he has recorded the disagreement and was allegedly inflamed by DCP John M. Saah when he ordered the parties to his office, a decision allegedly resisted by Inspector Kardamie.

Inspector Mark Kardamie:

For his part, Inspector Kardamie recounted that he was greeting his colleague at the police station when ACP J. Kais Sampson told him that he will not receive a penny from him through the PSD.

It is alleged that ACP Sampson ordered Det. Macauley to take Inspector Kardamie off his sight on ground that he was disturbing. Predicated upon that, Det Macauley allegedly held on his bag rope and fought him. “When DCP John M. Saah arrived, he gave order to officers and they beat on me. While carrying my money bag to a money changer, DCP Saah and ACP Sampson stopped the money changer from taking my bag and I was dragged before the office. Saah hits the radio on my head and stepped on me. They have persistently threatened me him since September 27, 2017,” Mark Kardamie alleged.

The report said six witnesses were interviewed. They include Chris W. Doe, Alice K. Lassana, Laminne Sheriff, J. Sonpon Nyante. Others are Boangbe Zota and Ms. Jennifer Flan who confirmed the incident that occurred at Metro II on March 26, 2018.

The report further that witness J. Sonpon Nyante and Ms. Jennifer Flan acknowledged that ACP J. Kais Sampson telling Inspector Kardamie if he had received his money for which (Kardamie complained at PSD.

“Four of the witnesses stated that Det Macauley phone was taken by Inspector Kardamie and there was a tussle between them (Det. Macauley and Kardamie),” the report.

According to the witnesses, DCP Saah gave order to carry Inspector Kardamie to the Charge of Quarters (COQ) when blood was seen coming out of Det. Macauley’s mouth, But Inspector Kardamie reportedly resisted said order and fighting ensued and in the process, injuries were sustained by some of them.

“One of the witnesses said Inspector Kardamie handed his bag to him at his business table, but one of the officers took the bag from him and said it is not good to hold such a bag. Another witness said DCP Saah hit Inspector Kardamie on his head with his hand-held radio when Inspector Kardamie was carried to the CoQ by force. Another witness mentioned that Inspector Kardamie complained about his wallet and other properties,” the report recalled witnesses.

Police Standards Department (PSD):

The police investigation team recommended that Inspector Mark Kardamie is liable for the wound sustained by Det Rodney Macauley, the seized Samsung phone valued at five hundred US$540.00 and the broken eye glasses valued at US$160.00, though receipts were not presented during investigation to authenticate the prices.

“Therefore, he is suspended for the period of one month with pay cut and to make restitution of the medical bill of the injury sustained on the mouth of Det. Macauley in the tone of LRD$600.00 to also restitute the values of both the Samsung phone, & eye glasses within the period of two months and the failure to meet with the timeline set in reference to the payment of these items and cash, he should be suspended time indefinitely until such payment is made.

“That DCP John M. Saah is suspended for the period of one month without pay and at the same time takes the full responsibility of Inspector Kardamie’s medical treatment which is yet unknown for the injuries sustained on the head,” the PSD recommended.

The PSD further recommended that ACP J. Kais Sampson and Det. Rodney Macauley be exonerated on ground that there is no evidence provided or testimonies from witnesses to link them to injury sustained in the fight by any of the victims.

Meanwhile, the PSD has further recommended that the case be closed up the service of the recommendations.

Inspector Mark Kardamie Detests:  

Prior to the release of the report, Inspector Kardamie wrote the Liberian Senate committee on Defense, Intelligence, security and veteran affairs about the slow pace of the investigation and that he wouldn’t get fair justice because the DCP John M. Saah is now in higher authority in the police under the leadership of Inspector General Patrick Sudue.

Inspector Kardamie alleged that the case started during the administration of former IG Gregory Coleman, but new IG Sudue allegedly ignored it and appointed John M. Saah to the position of Chief of Traffic while undergoing investigation, something he said is a conflict of interest.

The committee immediately instructed the IG of the Police to ensure speedy adjudication of the matter and bring justice.

Medical Report of Inspector Kardamie:

According to a medical report from the Saint Joseph Catholic Hospital in Monrovia and signed by Dr. Senga R. Omeonga, Attending Physician, a copy in possession of this paper, the 32 years old was seen on in the Out-patient Department (OPD) on April 4, 2018 complained of headaches, neck pain since March 26, 2018 and otorrhagia a day prior to his visit.

“He was rushed to our Emergency Room (ER) where he was treated and discharged with recommendation of follow up in OPD. Physical assessment was unremarkable and patient was treated for minor TBI and body confusions. He was required o follow up in OPD,” Dr. Senga R. Omeonga, Attending Physician said in a report.


Based on alleged conflict of interest, Inspector Kardamie has filed a lawsuit against John Saah, J. Kais Sampson and Rodney Macauley at the Monrovia City Court for aggravated assault. The court has meanwhile issued a writ of arrest for the accused.

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