Conflicting Accounts

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

On Tuesday, September 13, 2023, state lawyers produced two witnesses, who then took the witness stand to confirm their knowledge of the incident at the residence of Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, which led to the death of her niece, Charloe Musu in February of this year.

Both prosecution witnesses gave conflicting accounts regarding the incident and their involvement on the evening of February 22, 2023, much like the prosecution’s first witness Zion Tarr, a security guard assigned at the Justice’s residence.

Moses Wright, the second witness for the prosecution who appeared in person, contradicted himself regarding both his employment with the Genesis Security Service and his duty at Justice Scott’s residence prior to the third break-in which landed her and her three family members in jail.

He said before the jurors and the court that he had worked for the security film for a while before being assigned to do a job at Justice Scott’s house on February 14, 2023.

When pressed by the defense attorney, he admitted that he started working for the film on February 25, 2023 and took a job at the justice home on February 14, 2023. Also, when quizzed by the court, he claimed to have gained employment at the security film on February 5, 2023 and was assigned at the justice home on February 14, 2023.

Witness Wrights informed the court that Justice Scott did throw the keys of the compound from the window of her bathroom to him during the night of the incident after he had told her the gate was locked and he was not in possession of the keys.

When questioned by defense counsels about how he knew it was a bathroom when he had told the court and jurors that he had not entered the house nor had access to the house since taking the assignment, he struggled to provide any clear explanation.

“When I was told by Anthony Musu that there was noise in the house, as a security man, I kept running around the house to see if I could see someone but there was no one around,” witness Wrights said during cross-examination. “Justice Scott threw the keys to me from the window when I told her I did not have the key.”

On another account, witness Wrights said he saw a guy carrying the deceased to the car on his back, but said he did not know who the guy was and how he entered the house though he told the court and jurors during cross-examination that he knew everyone who lived in the home of the jailed Justice and no man lived in the house.

“And I opened the car door, but there was no driver that night, so I went outside of the fence and saw a guy in mechanic clothes and say can you please help me drive my boss lady and he came with me and got in the car and they drove off; after a few minutes later the police came and asked who break-in the house and where did they break in,” Wrights said.

When questioned once more about the identities of the two persons, Witness Wright maintained he had never seen them before and had no memory of them.

On the other hand, government third witness Eric Odumawu said in court that he had heard a strange noise and out of concern for his neighbors, had gone to the justice’s house to investigate. However, when he arrived at the fence, he encountered additional members of the community who he claimed he did not know.

“We could not enter the compound, so I rushed back home to get Harmon.  Upon my return, the gate was already open. Witness Odumawu said,” he added, “We entered the house through the opening from the window to search and I did not ask who opened the window because that was not what I went for.”

When the court questioned him about what he went to look for in the justice’s house, he was unable to respond but stated that it was his neighbor and that’s why he went to help.

“I observed the smell of tears-gas in the air and blood stein on the floor when we entered the house,” witness Odumawu responded to a question by the Judge.

Witness Odumawu who at first said he and others entered the home through a window, now says the police also entered the home along while they were all looking.

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