By Daniel Doryen

MONROVIA-Again, Liberia has slithered into the political cesspool often proffered by political migrants -those bent on spewing imps in order to gain favoritism from their blindfolded followers. It is not too odd that putting Liberia under the BOX for political reasons has always been the cognomen of political desperados.

Such is the attention-grabbing and hemorrhaging malicious video on social media about the state of affairs- a video which can only be described as an act of nincompoopery and the work of political beasts whose sole interest is to ‘annihilate anything in their political path for state power.’

When a group of people chose the path of utter maliciousness and rubbish-peddling as the only conduit of hammering home their message to the electorates and non-electorates, then it should not be taken with flippancy.

The perniciousness portrayed in the Video only sheds light on the substantiality of the need for national reckoning so as to determine the actual believers in Liberia’s definitive pursuit for genuine social, economic and infrastructural transformation and transformative leadership.

It remains mind-boggling that in this time and age, a group of Liberians, regardless of their quest and desperation for state power, would engage in the blatant slaughter of their country and implicitly endanger the lives and living standards of the very people they want to lead.

One would have thought at length that several years of fratricidal mayhem could be the tangible buffer between the desire for hate and the willingness for social probity.  Does it mean that the death of thousands of compatriots is justifiable, or are we trying to ignore the agonies and afflictions brought upon everyone who experienced the war?

The portrayal here is that the video in question, as damning as it is to the core values of the national psyche, should not be nursed in the beauty of the patriotic spirit. To have some Liberians giving such madness kudos and acceptability is characteristic of how far the country is from landing to safety.

When common allegiance to a national cause is defied, there is room for reflection and subsequent deviation. This is why no single Liberian who subscribes to the principle of patriotism and the values of belonging would and should encourage recapping the devilishness and madness so carefully spewed, a merely classic travesty of reality and truth-telling portrayed by the masterminds in the condemnable video.

Except completely overtaken by the whirlwind of apathy to the spirit of nationalism piloted by the founding fathers, those who shed blood and sweat, only will one undress in dancing to this cacophony and ingloriousness being carefully disgorged in the video.

Let it be established that had it been a Liberian-looking individual seated in front of cameras reading the such script so much so laden with misinformation and insane mendacity about another country, it would take no seconds he is hunted down and bundled in a rusty van to an unknown destination.

Yet, Liberians are dancing in celebration of a white man, whether caricatured or not, peddling the hottest of fabrications in an attempt to undo everything the international community invested to get us from the pit of setback and self-destruction to the hilltop of democratic pluralism.

What is wrong with Liberians is real of what is happening in the Animal Kingdom where no one animal, regardless of size, seems to have total control over the rest of the animals. If animals’ actions as we often see is typical of hate for each other, then Liberians and their attitudes toward one another and their country are replicas.

As believers in the principle of democracy, Liberians often refuse to accept and live with the reality of losing a contest, which is the meaning of the democratic process. As such and very, and unfortunately, they orchestrate different methods, no matter how dangerous, to pursue an agenda so distant from the laid down rules and norms. How possible or acceptable is it that some Liberians in parts of the country are scheming to bring havoc upon the country?

Though far from reality, well, it is true of the current political desperation for the highest seat of the land, for which some have sworn to go every length to discredit the President and the government as a way of brainwashing the electorates and eventually pull them on their side. While it is understandable that politics is a mixture of nefariousness and goodness, there are times the greater interest of the country and people are considered prime, and the way out is for one to take the seat of humility and put the common good humanity at the front-burner.

Where Liberia goes from here does not lie in vomiting information steeped in lies, but rather rests on the fulcrum of our ability to resist the temptation of plunging it into the oasis of discomfort.

To do that requires that we demonstrate real love for our country, stand together against foreign machinations to put us against each other, and condemn those who plan to sow seeds of discord and destruction. In spite of our political alignments, there remains a strong need for us to stand against those who seek to dampen our paths to celebrated democratic values.

This is to say that the recently released video on social media should not have a place in the national psyche; should not be given any ounce of believability and justification. Let us stand together as we did against global pandemics to fight this insane political pandemic whose intent is to put the international community against the country that is still struggling for complete calm and security.

All we can do is to work with the government to trace those behind the video in order to bring them to the altar of justice. UNLESS WE SPEAK GOOD OF OUR COUNTRY, WE ARE BOUND TO DESTROY IT. INDEED, IT IS UNACCEPTABLE THE MALIGNITY SPEWED IN THE VIDEO.

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