COLUMN: Letter to the Dead

Dear Great Ones:

Wow! What a way to come your way again after months and months of absence due to technical reasons! Yes, we are again excited to be back, to continue doing what we often do best, giving you a clear picture of how things on the other side look, how your people are walking and working and sleeping. In the first place, how are you guys, how is everyone coming on?  Do we have to ask, of course not? We are made to understand that there is no sickness, no hunger, no isolation, no opposition, and in position, no getting older and smaller in the Great Beyond. That’s what makes you “Great Ones”.

The only puzzling thing is that no one knows where exactly guys go from here because there is this saying about “heaven and hell and judgment”. Please let us know in your reply to us so that we inform your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and other relatives you left behind the real thing they want to know. In fact, some people say guys are still with us on earth in a different spiritual form; that it is only you can see us but we can’t see you. Well, this is not the focus of this letter; we are only trying to set the basis for discussion.

This time around, it would be unfair to you all if we fail to express sincere apologies for always failing to keep track of the commitment to keep you connected to our information dissemination chain, intended to keep your people – either here on earth or below the earth abreast. On behalf of the millions of people who follow this channel, kindly accept our apologies and know that you remain supreme in our dissemination process, intended not only to amuse you but to sarcastically abreast you of happenings affecting the common good of your nation and other nations and peoples, while the good people (the so-called educated ones) continue to lick from their sweat and blood.

Though, we have made it our duty to show remorse when necessary because we realize that communicating daily puts in a better frame of mind to understand where your country stands, what your government is doing, how angry and hungry your people are as a result of endless purloining, lack of feelings for the very people who used their sweat and blood to get you where you are, the fact remains that the ground is badly shaking under your people as if an earthquake is about to strike. Thank God he is keeping your people alive amidst a continuous plague of wickedness, hunger, poverty, lack of money, and everything that is supposed to make them happy.

But while we were on self-imposed sabbatical due to frustration for all the bad, bad things going on in your country and other parts of the world, plenty of things went on unnoticed, which we feel obligated to bring to your attention. However, it is important that we find out from you guys in the Great Beyond how you are getting the vibes from all over the place concerning the impending elections which some people are saying will not be free and fair because ruling governments are on records all over the world of stealing or rigging elections in their favor. Please tell us what the situation looks like, and who you think will win the elections (whether is the incumbent or the clamoring opposition). In Africa, even in the West, the opposition always cries foul to cheat or rigging elections. But wait o, we just saw the incumbent former US President Donald J. Trump cry wolf that he had been cheated and that the elections were rigged, even though he could not provide proof of his claims. It is the same way the people of Nigeria are crying following the declaration of Bola Tinubu of the ruling Party (APC). Could that be just a distemper of greater happenings in pending elections in Africa? But will Liberia be, too????

Great ones, it is hard to say because things are not rosy for your people. In fact, this is no longer a new story. Throughout, we have informed you about how your country has been managed by your very brothers, your sons, and your daughters. In fact, it is not a strength that Liberia is going through this mess because you guys in the Great Beyond started it. First President Joseph Jenkins Roberts did it, and that is why his people just put plenty of money outside and just little is seen in the market. To tell you the truth, we now get One Thousand Bank Notes; that one looks not too different from the Hundred Dollar Note. Our country is just good at printing new money; almost every regime has its way of printing money just to strengthen the big people’s pockets. The One Thousand Note hardly sees ordinary people, but it’s with the elites.

That one, we can’t say much about because you already know what that means. Maybe some of the people who were here when the money was brought in gave you the message, though it is hard for them to carry money when they are joining you. That is why sometimes it does not make sense when our big people put in time stealing money from the coffers or other sources of money, causing others to go to bed without food for days because no one carries money with them when going to the “Beyond.”

Great Ones, we have plenty to share with you in our next communication, but this is just to put you in gear and prepare for what is to come very soon. Just to give you a gist, the home of a former Chief Justice from Maryland County was attacked by armed robbers, some of the people you trained how to steal and kill, and her daughter was killed in the process. Those here are sorry for losing her to you people on the other side because she was just about to finish college and start working for her own money. It is too bad. Till now, the police have not made any arrests, but some of your people are making false allegations, trying to blame others who fought the war that killed some of you. You see, people now use others’ pasts to link them to things they might not be aware of.  Your country is rotting because of politics.

But that is it. We stop here, hoping to get your response too.

Thank you for reading

From the Editor’s Desk





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