‘Collaborators To Wicked Dictator’


-Alaric Tokpa Labels The Legislature

By Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

A former student leader of the University of Liberia during the ‘80’s, Alaric Tokpa has described the legislature as a collaborator to a wicked dictator.

Chambers                Weah                                Chie                                   Alaric Tokpa

Speaking when he appeared on the Okay Afternoon Conversations, a talk show aired on Okay 99.5FM on Thursday, January 17, 2019 in Monrovia, Tokpa said that this legislature has never opposed any decision proffered by the President, thereby branding them as collaborators to a wicked dictator who is President George Manneh Weah.

“The legislators are collaborators to a wicked dictator and the president is a wicked dictator,” Professor Tokpa openly said on national radio.

Professor Tokpa furthered that the legislature is controlled by the President, thus, they do not oppose whatever the President proposes, thus making them a complete rubber stamp legislature.

He asserted that by the President submitting Bill to the legislature to strip off the tenure of some agencies in the country is in no way the right thing, because according to him, those at the legislature are controlled by the President.

“The legislature is controlled by the president because they don’t easily or never oppose anything from the president. They are a complete rubber stamp and this has been said by many times by many people and they know they are,” he said.

National Legislature                                                 Executive Mansion

At the same time, Professor Tokpa indicated that the government is in serious search of its enemies outside, while according to him the greatest enemies of this government are within the government.

“The greatest enemies of this government are within the government and sooner or later the government will soon realize that. But the government is in a rush searching for enemies and when a leader is in a hurry to search for enemies, it can easily mistake friends for enemies and enemies for friends,” he stressed.

He named the alleged attacked on the Liberian media and the student community by the CDC-led government and the striping off some duties and responsibilities from the Vice President as indicators of the government in search of enemies.

The UL Professor also describes the Coalition of Democratic Change-led government under the leadership of President George Weah as a ‘paper tiger’.

Tokpa said that had he been behind the inciting of student violence on the campuses of the University of Liberia and the student community as a whole, this government would have been out of here long ago.

“If I were inciting violence on the campuses of the University of Liberia this government will be running away now I can assure you because this government is a paper tiger,” Professor Tokpa said.

The University Professor indicated that though he has on many occasions been engaged to advice youth and students leaders that have felt threatened by the government to flee the country, but was quick to note that they should not rather stay and face the struggle, thus it is the way of a democratic struggle that succeed and more effective.

Tokpa stated that the if there is any sector or side in the country that is to leave, should be the government itself because according to him, the CDC-led government has underperformed in its first year.

At the same time, Professor Togba stated that he does not in any way think that this government would perform any better in the coming years, adding he hopes the government can prove him wrong.


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