Cllr Gbala Hails Pres. Weah

By Mark B. Dumbar

The Spokesperson of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Campaign Team, Cllr Kanio Bai Gbala has hailed the Liberia leader, President George M. Weah for his immense Development in Liberia.

Speaking Monday, August 14, 2023 on a local radio station, Cllr. Gbala disclosed that President George M. Weah has carried on lots of developmental initiatives across the country something for which he must be given a second change to continue what he has started.  

According to him, the Liberia leader’s job is to continue communicating with the Liberian people about the development progress in the country. Mr. Gbala mentioned that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is not campaigning because the party started campaigning many years ago.

The Spokesperson pointed out that what the Liberia leader has done over the five years will speak for him come October Presidential and Legislative Elections. “It will make people vote for him,” he added.

Mr. Gbala mentioned that when President Weah talks with his people, he tells them that over the five years and a half, this is what we have done and we will do more. He pointed out that in the last event that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) had in the rehab community, President Weah told the people that the RIA road has been in a bad situation but today under his leadership the rehab and RIA community dwellers now have a modern road. “I’m the one building those roads,” he added.

According to him, those who have spent more years in government and lived in the Rehab Community for over many years did not build that road and now they are seeking leadership and are now enjoying the use of those roads.

He disclosed that when President Weah goes to any community his message is based on the development within every community in Liberia. Mr. Gbala further stated that as a result, President Weah will ask them to give him the power of authority to lead them for another six years.

The Campaign Spokesperson disclosed that President Weah’s message to the Liberian people is to develop the country so that Liberians can benefit more.

According to him, the Standard-bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) will not depend on promises to the Liberian people but also depend on our development pillars across the country.

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