Cllr Bai-Gbala Debunks Critics of ‘Weah Thank You’ Rally

By: Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-A Strong member of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Cllr. Kanio Bai-Gbala has debunked criticisms of the ‘Weah thank you’ rally that those were not real crowds to turn into voters.

Cllr. Bai-Gbala said those Liberians who attended the event were sincere in their appreciation to the Liberian leader for his tangible developmental undertakings for the past five years.

Speaking Tuesday, July 18, 2023, on Prime FM Cllr. Bai-Gbala disclosed that in the October 10, Presidential race, President Weah has no major contender.

“They went there to say thank you for development in the country that is fundamental,” he said.

The people went to the rally to say thank you because they believe in the developmental initiative by the President.

He said most of the people who went were unable to speak due to the over crowdedness of the people something preventing them from presenting their statements to express appreciation to the President.

He named first-time voters, fishermen, teachers, students and marketers who are benefiting from the developmental achievements of President Weah.

According to him, it is a clear fact that the President has impacted every sector of development through his transformative policies.

Cllr. Bai-Gbala disclosed that under the leadership of President Weah, he constructed hospitals, schools, markets, and roads among others.

He said civil servant has constitutional rights to request leave to institute their democratic rights.

Cllr. Bai-Gbala rejected the saying that most of those civil servants were forced to attend the CDC Thank You rally.

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