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GANTA –   A clergyman in Ganta, has underscored the need for the heart of stewardship in Liberia.

Stewardship is an act of caring for or improving on a situation with time.

In an interview with this paper on the sideline of their national convention in Ganta, Rev. John G. Troseh said the forward movement of Liberia is greatly based on the ability of its leaders to cultivate the spirit of stewardship.

The senior pastor of the United Liberia Inland Church Central in Ganta noted that the nation is where it is today due to the lack of stewardship in those at the helm of authority.

In his word, the servant of God intimated that, “if we want Liberia to rise again, there is a need for high level of stewardship or Stewards “.

He said Liberians are no longer loyal to their country, let alone to talk about each other.

The Inland prelate attributed the lack of stewardship to what he says is unwillingness from leaders.

“It’s a sad thing to  realize that not many,  even in the governmental circle are committing themselves to stewardship”, Rev. Troseh added.

He stressed the need for Liberians to be willing to commit themselves to good stewardship, if we desire to see the resurrection of our mother land.

With skepticism in his response on the broad perspective of national leaders performances across the country, Troseh said; “I can’t say generally all, because there are some who are committing themselves to stewardship, but equally so, some are not at all”.

He made the disclosure on Wednesday, January 26, this year while in conversation with journalists at their convention site in Ganta.

Leaders and members of the United Liberia Inland Church are in Ganta to participate in the 7 day activities.

This year’s convention is held under the theme: “STEWARDSHIP”.

The week- long event is bringing together members of the denomination from across the 15 Political subdivisions of the country where they have their branches operating.

The well attended occasion is a normal routine that allows the church to meet at the beginning of each year, retrospect on their past activities that gives them an insight on how to make achievable plans for the new year to see the growth and development of the Ministry.

Inland is one of the single largest Christian denominations in Liberia with its membership extending to good number of the Country’s population

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