Clergyman Back Off From Presidential Race

...Says Running For Presidency Must Not Be In Desperation

MONROVIA-With the wave of the political tide rising in the country, the Political Leader of the Rebirth Liberia Movement (RLM) has backed off from the pending Presidential and Legislative Elections.

In a statement issued yesterday in Monrovia, Apostle J. Aaron Wright, Sr. said he was backing off from the Presidential race for the sake of peace and as a way of demonstrating love and patriotism for the country.

Apostle Wright noted, “It is in this endeavor that, I, Apostle J. Aaron Wright, Sr., have decided along with our leaders and members of the Rebirth Liberia Movement to withdraw from this coming election comes 2023 October.”

He added, “We have chosen this path as a result of making the sacrifice for our peace and to prove to all Liberians that running for the presidency must not be done in desperation. This is why we avoid hate speeches; denigrate others because you want state power.”

“It is within this regard that we have decided to back off and be on the standby. Fellow Liberians, we also want to take this time to appeal to all Liberians to pray, seek the face of God for our beloved country, the peace we have, leaders, most especially our President, George Mannah Weah and all those who have decided to run for the presidency that they should put Liberia interest first. Please put aside our differences and see one another as one blood, one family and one people,” the Liberian Clergyman intimated

.The Man of God further noted, “In this regard, with heavy heart, we want to say to all our members in the different counties and outside Liberia, as well as the International Community, ECOWAS, AU, the Mano River Union, especially the United States of America and the State of Israel, that we have decided to make this first sacrifice to be on the standby and withdraw from this coming elections, as a way of demonstrating love and patriotism for country.”

“We want to say to all Liberians, let us keep praying and holding hands together for our country, Liberia. To everyone who is participating in these ensuing elections, please exercise to restraints, and implement the most powerful tool ever, the most powerful weapon ever on planet earth, which is non-violence,” Apostle Wright said.

He called on Liberians to take up the weapon of non-violence to make the citizens understand that the peace they have is not just for a short time but it is here to stay forever. He added, “Liberians have suffered a lot; we have gone through 14 years of civil crisis, Ebola, coronavirus, and we are not willing to go through any form of violence in this country any longer. So we want to standby and work with all our fellow Liberians to stand up and pray for all those who are running for office to understand that Liberia should be taken first; Liberia and Liberians should be our interest.”

“Again, we want to take this time, as the Word says “pray for your leaders”; We, Apostle J. Aaron Wright, Sr., take this time to pray for our President, President George Mannah Weah, that God gives him strength, good health, and courage and wisdom to lead our country to a free, fair and non-violence elections. Because he our leader, we know with the help of God, he can do this,” he pointed out.

He noted that Liberians are no longer willing to see any form of violence in their country noting, “At the moment, our political climate is very toxic with all kinds of words invectives in the atmosphere in Liberia. We are on standby praying that this process should not degenerate into any form of violence; rather it should be used as a way of exchanging ideas and constructively challenging one another towards the process.”

“With this, again, fellow Liberia, members of the Rebirth Liberia Movement, the United States America, the State of Israel, ECOWAS, and Mano River Union, among others, we want to say thank you very much for all of what you have done for our country in keeping the peace we all are enjoying today,” Apostle Wright said.

“Fellow Liberians and members of the Rebirth Liberia Movement, I come to you this day, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I come to you with a heavy heart. Given the fact that we are Liberians, with the interest we have for our beloved Country, we want to see Liberia as a transformative country, making an impact in Africa and other parts of the world. We have earlier decided to run for the ensuing presidency of the Republic of Liberia, as an independent candidate under the banner Rebirth Liberia Movement.”

Apostle Wright noted that having thoughtfully sat and realized the importance of his country more than the presidency; “We have come to say to you, my fellow Liberians, well-wishers and those members and leaders of the Rebirth Liberia Movement, that at this moment, we want to encourage all those leaders who have decided to participate in the General Elections come October 2023. We encourage you that you should do everything to work collectively in maintaining the peace that has been with us for a number of years that people died for.”

“Our African brothers and sisters, our international partners, and the international community, specifically, the United Nations, lost their lives to give us this peace in Liberia. Resources from the International Community have been used in this country, the ECOWAS, and the AU as a way in maintaining our peace.

It is incumbent upon us, as Liberians and as leaders to do everything to work together in order to uphold the peace we have today, not in the interest of our selfish desire but rather in the interest of our nation, Liberia and in the interest of every Liberian,” Apostle Wright concluded.

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