Clergy Digs Up Landmark Problems

MONROVIA-The president of the National Christian Council of Liberia (NCCL), Bishop J. Rudolph Marsh, Sr., says, Liberia has removed what he called old landmarks, something he said, has caused Liberia’s problems over the years.

Bishop Marsh said the leaders of the nation have been the reason the country has not progressed.

He was speaking when a group of pastors and politicians and people of interest gathered on September 9, 2022 at the Free Pentecostal Church in Sinkor with a conference that among other things, sought to help ensure that Liberia’s capital city is renamed after the heart of God.

The preacher said, “One of the sins that Liberians committed was changing the name of Liberia’s capital city from Christopolis to Monrovia.”

According to him, the founders of Liberia were sensitive enough and named the capital city of Liberia Christopolis which is a city of Christ.

Bishop Marsh said the second thing that has caused Liberia’s misfortune is that the leaders of Liberia changed the preamble of the nation from a Christian nation to a circular nation.

The Spiritual Revolution of Liberia was convened under the theme: “Come Let Us Reason Together- Jesus Christ is Lord over Liberia.”

“One of our Presidents I will not call the name removed the teaching of the bible from schools,” he said.

Giving an overview of the Spiritual Revolution of Liberia, Bishop Marsh who is the President and visionary of the movement outlined Liberia was not founded to be like Americans or other nations, but it came into being because God wanted them to be Christ-like, but said the leaders have deviated their agreement with God.

According to him, the church has lost its power because of the secret society and other deadly deals,

“Today, people don’t believe in the church because the church is lukewarm. I will speak it” he said.

Speaking Additionally, he said in his prayer room, he asked why Liberia is the way it is and it was revealed that Liberia’s problem is spiritual and not economic or political.

He said Liberia will be great again, if they replace the old landmark back by renaming the country’s capital city to Christopolis (City of Christ), there should be national repentance, make an atonement of the constitution of Liberia.

“God told me that he was taking Liberia to another level to be the greatest in Africa”

He added, “Liberia has been chosen to deliver America from her spiritual degradation, to deliver Isaiah from her spiritual degradation.”

“It is time now for the church to lead, it is now the time for the church to direct, it is the time for the church to take its right place”, he added.

“God says, he is ready and if you stand in his way, he will remove you” he said.

The Bible says, “Remove not the old landmarks.”

Also speaking, Bishop Stephan T. Y. Benda of the United Pentecostal (UPC) said, “We are a Christian nation and we should not only carry the name but we should also prac  ticalize what we preach and teach.”

He said they have made lots of progress to get Liberians believing that God is the head of a nation and as such, they as a group are walking the talk.

“If we as a nation, as a people can give Liberia to God, he will direct our path.

He said Liberians should change their behaviors as they all try to change the name of the capital city.

According to him, if they as a group, successfully change the name of Monrovia to Christopolis and Liberians’ behaviors remain the same, it makes no difference.


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