Civil Society Group Frowns on Court’s Ruling in 100 Million Drug Case

MONROVIA-Barrage of condemnations continue to pour in following the infamous 100M drugs case verdict by the court.

The latest group to condemn the court decision is the Global Action for sustainable Development (GASD) who described the Court’s verdict as a victory for drugs trafficking in Liberia.

The Executive Director of the group, James Koryor stressed that the infamous court decision also shows what he termed as poor prosecution by the Ministry of Justice and therefore undermine international criminal justice system.

Mr. Koryor disappointingly stated that it is frustrating that international partners especially the US Government through the International Narcotic and Law Enforcement (INL) continues to invest and support Liberia in combating illicit drug trafficking while Liberia’s weak and poor justice system continues to undermine the fight against drug trafficking in Liberia.

He also disclosed that Liberia is fast becoming a significant transit Country for illicit narcotics, the country’s nascent law enforcement capacity, porous border controls, and proximity to major drug transit routes which contributes to trafficking to and through Liberia, he added.

According to him, the recent arrest of 100 million United States Dollar’s worth of drug and other huge consignment of drug has exacerbated the situation even more.

Koryor intimated that while Liberia is not a significant producer of illicit narcotics, local drug use, particularly of marijuana, and the newly introduced KUSH is very common among drug users.

The GASD Boss indicated that Liberia missed out when the United Nations afforded the opportunity of disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and resettlement of former fighters.

“Liberia negated addressing the drug habit/addiction of former fighters during the program; a choice that haunts the current generation today with rising youth debut in drug use culminating from peer pressure, organic solidarity and differential association” he stressed.

The group believes that the action of the Government through the Ministry of Justice to loss such landmark case was calculated and intentional and needs to be investigated by international partners.

He asserted that the ruling of the court has created more doubts in the Country’s criminal justice system and sends a bad signal to the international community that Liberia is allegedly  a safe haven for drug traffickers.

 Meanwhile, The Global Action for Sustainable Development-GASD is a registered non-profit organization working on drug prevention.

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