Church of Christ identifies With LBS Management &, Members

By: Washington Watson –

MONROVIA-Churches have started helping institutions instead of just waiting for offering from their members.

The Senior Pastor of GSA Road Church of Christ, Alfred Beyan is one person who has decided to give arms to institutions by donating.

Recently, the Church donated several begs of rice including assorted Covid-19 preventive materials to the Management of the Liberia Broadcasting System and members of his church.

Presenting the items to the LBS Management recently, Pastor Beyan said the donation was the Church’s way of buttressing the Management of LBS efforts in the fight against the coronaviruses.

According  to him , the leadership of  the GSA Road Church of Christ, has been monitoring the workings of the LBS in disseminating information to the public during these difficult  times, something he said prompted the Church to identify with  the  State Broadcasters.

He further disclosed that the GSA Road Church OF Christ has been identifying with other institutions in the fight against the   COVID-19 Pandemic including with the recent been State Radio.

Pastor Beyah also used the event to call on other institutions to identify with the Liberia Broadcasting System as a means of motivating them to continual doing excellent job for the country.

He further told the media that members of his church also received such donation in line with the church continual support to the fight against   the COVID-19.

According to him, there is a need for the Church to help people not only members the Church he is overseeing during these challenging times, but others who are not under his supervision.

The Liberian  clergy  used  the event to also call on  other Liberians including institutions to see the need to help those  who cannot afford especially with food as the country recovers from Covid 19 pandemic which has caused the country’s economy and other sectors.

Receiving the Donation on behalf of the Liberia Broadcasting System, the Deputy Director General for Media Services Sorbor George extoled the GSA Road Church of Christ for the donation.

Mr. George said the donation by the Church has demonstrated   the mandate that Jesus Christ gave to His people not to only seek   the spiritual need, but holistically seeking their needs.

He assured the Church of the Management Commitment to providing the public with those messages of peace, hope of humoring among others.

At the same time, members of the church of Christ who benefited from the donation expressed gratitude to the leadership of the church for coming to their aid.



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