Chinese Sand Mining Company Provides Clean-Up Materials To Caldwell Residents

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Local manager of Hyde Sand Mining Company, Anthony Borbor (2nd from left) presents symbolic sanitation materials to the community

In an effort to beef up sanitation work in Caldwell, a Chinese Sand Mining Company, Hyde, has handover several assorted sanitation equipment to residents of the Taylor Mayor compound to help improve their environment.

The item, which was delivered recently to the community leaderships, comprises of several wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, and cutlasses, among others.

Presenting the items recently in Caldwell, Mr. Anthony J. Borbor, the local manager of Hyde Sand Mining Company, said the donation was in addition to earlier assistance and support to the community to ensure a clean and safe environment.

Mr. Borbor indicated that this was not the first time Hyde had supported the community and that they had earlier donated Covid-19 items such as buckets, nose masks, respectively.

He assured the residents of the company readiness to support community initiatives.

Mr. Borbor told residents that the company believes in the ability of the community leadership and will do everything possible to work with them to ensure that the community is well developed.

The donation, according to him, forms part of the company’s corporate social responsibilities and will ensure that it is well maintained.

Mr. Borbor said: “We want to work with the community, especially people living near the company, and to help move it forward.  So, this is while we are here today to deliver these items to be used for its intended purpose.”

He further emphasized that the equipment will help reduce the challenges that residents of the community encounter in keeping the area clean.

While acknowledging the community leadership, Mr. Borbor calls on them to take sanitation issues seriously.

“This, he said, would ensure that their environments are clean always as sanitation issues were a shared responsibility, which needed change in attitude.”

Mr. Borbor believes “it is important to keep our community clean because we need to live by example so other communities can follow.”

However, the company local manager, used the occasioned to inform the community dwellers that there are expected to construct at least four hand pumps for with in the area that will serve the over 5, 000 inhabitants around its mining site.

Mrs. Victoria Paygar, chair-lady of the Taylor Mayor compound, lauded the company for the donation, adding, “The Hyde Sand Mining Company remains a strong partner to the community as evidenced by its continuous financial and logistical support to them.”

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