Chinese company Construction Disregards Court’s Mandate

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-The management of CHICO, a Chinese construction company operating in Liberia has  refused to honor a mandate from the civil law court dated March 25 and April 20, 2021 respectively.

Since the two succeeding verdicts by Judge Yemi Quiqui Gbeisay of Civil Law Court, mandating CHICO to shoulder the responsibility to fly Samuel Flomo aboard for proper medical care as recommended by JFK, the company had failed to adhere to the mandate of the court.

It can be recalled, Samuel Flomo, a heavy duty driver was assaulted, insulted and flogged by an executive of the company only identified as Mr. Lee, a situation that resulted to Flomo losing his spermicidal.

According to court documents, the victim was accused by his boss Mr. Lee in June 2020 for allegedly stealing fuel. As a result of that, he was beaten which affected his spermicidal. After investigations,  it was untrue.

The victim was than rushed to the Tappata Hospital in Nimba for medical care. Later, he was referred to JFK Medical Center that also recommended that he be taken aboard for proper medical attention within the course of a year; otherwise he would be affected greatly.

Predicated upon this, the victim family filed a lawsuit with the Civil Law Court against Chico as a means of ensuring the company takes responsibility for their actions.

Judge Gbeisay ruled on March 25, 2021 that the company takes the victim aboard for urgent medical attention something the company consented to earlier.

In that ruling, CHICO was further mandated to immediately make payment of US$25, 725.00 dollars through that court to facilitate Flomo’s medical and travel expenses to India.

April 8, 2021 was the deadline mentioned by the court for the company to make said payment. But it has  failed to meet up with this term and condition.

The family through their lawyers than filed a bill of information which was passed on with Judge Gbeisay issuing a writ of execution superseding the pervious writ and mandate which dated March 25, 2021.

Gbeisay instructed his sheriff on April 26, 2021 to seize and expose for sale the lands, goods and chattels of the company to raise the amount  for the victim to travel.

The writ of execution also instructed the sheriff to have the management arrested and brought before the court, if no land, goods and chattels are found to amount to the US$25, 725.00 dollars; this is yet to take effect as the victim condition is worsening by the day.

At the moment,  the victim is home without undergoing treatment as family members fear losing him.

The family is calling on human right Organizations, CSO groupings to take seize of the matter to ensure their brother is flown aboard for urgent treatment as recommended by health authorities in the country.

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