Chill In The Spines

By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9 (

The Liberian Government is said to be doing everything possible to eradicate ghost names from its payroll.

One of those government entities that  is in the full move,  is  the General Auditing Commission which has disclosed that  it will shortly conduct  a ten-day headcount  audit  of all civil servants across  the country .

Speaking Thursday on the State Radio in Paynesville the Auditor General of Liberia, Garswa Jackson said in 2018, the national wage bill team was assembled that included the Civil Servants Agency and the Ministry of Finance Development Planning.

According to him, the team was put together to review the Civil Servants payroll, stressing that there were number of compositions that were attached to the wage bill team.

He said there were lots of wage bill data based at various Ministries and Agencies that the team needed to join together; compact all of the wage bills into a single data based for Civil Servants.

Mr. Jackson further said as the government entity responsible to audit, the GAC had to verify   the payroll date before it can be migrated into the system.

He said the GAC is charged with the constitutional responsibility to audit all public fund of Liberia.

Jackson said GAC was engaged to standardize the system.

He told the media that   the task in the payroll verification is challenging, emphasizing that other integrity institutions have their part to perform that included the Internal Audit Agency among others.

The GAC boss further said the Commission has put into place an audit system to conduct the head count audit.

He disclosed  that the GAC  is using ICT  Technology  specified  that  a person  who will be audited by head count,  he or she  photo will be verified by  those other data based  from  the National Identification Card Registry data   and  that  of the National Social Security  and Welfare Cooperation data.

He said all of those data from a person will correspond with his or her payroll data.

According  to him, as  the auditors are  conducting the head counts audit on the field  verifying  the civil servants  of  the government at  the back, the reconciliation  will already  be done .

Jackson urged all Civil Servants to take the head count audit very serious.

He further disclosed that the team will utilize all of the identification cards that include the Passport, voter registration among others.

Mr. Jackson said the verification process will commence April 4.

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