Chieftain Elections Paramount

 By: Washington Tumay

Bong County District number six Representative Moima Briggs –Mensah has called on the Liberian Government through the Executive Branch to ensure the full operations of the local government’s Acts.

Representative Briggs –Mensah  who  is Bong County Legislative Caucus Chairperson said,  there is  a serious needs  for  the government  and its developmental partners   to support   the elections  of Chiefs  and other local leaders across  the country  in line  with the local government’s Acts  and   that of the constitution.

Speaking during a one day mediation Dialogue with Traditional Leaders from Montserrado and Bong Counties organized by the Angie Brooks international In Monrovia, the strong independent female lawmaker of Bong County said, chiefs are working at the will of the President and other top government officials, contrary to the local government’s Acts.

Representative Briggs-Mensah   further disclosed that chiefs are working under fear of losing their jobs, if they do not adhere to the mandate from the higher ups, thus allowing the chiefs not   to be independent   in their function.

According to her, when the chiefs are elected by their people, they will serve properly, with independency, without worrying about being removed by top government officials.

She said most of the times,  the local chiefs  are     to obey   orders or calls  from the  top against  their will   because  they have  to feed  their families   with  the little  they can receive  from  the government .

Bong County Legislative Caucus Chairperson further said, chiefs are no longer respected by those who are close to those in power, stressing that chiefs are not consulted on those who are to open traditional Bush.

She further disclosed  that because  of the government’s inability  to conduct  local chiefs’ elections, the latter  is affecting  the democratic process of the country especially  for women  who are hopeful  of  providing  leadership  for  their people.

Representative Briggs-Mensah  said  because  chiefs   are not elected,  they  have  to take instructions  from  those  in authority  to use  their  traditional power  to intimidate females  who are aspiring   to  amplify the voices  of  women  at  the legislature.

Also speaking Bong County female paramount Chief, Mary Lahti and other chiefs at the gathering fully supported the holding of local elections for chiefs.

According  to her  and others,   with  the elections  of chiefs  , those elected  will be able  to work with  their people  without    intimidation  from  their bosses  by subjecting  them  to partisanship .

The chiefs  expressed  the hope  that  the government  and its developmental partners  will accept  the call by  their lawmaker  to conduct local elections  for chiefs.


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