Chiefs, Elders In M’land Debunk Speaker Chambers’ Claims

By: Emmanuel T. QuiahMaryland County Correspondent

The traditional Women and men in Old Sodoken Town have debunked statements made on ELBC early Friday morning, October 13, 2023 by House Speaker Bhofal Chambers who is seeking his 4th term as Representative in Maryland’s Electoral District #2.

It can be recalled that during the Friday edition of ELBC Super morning show, Speaker Chambers alleged that during the elections on October 10, his poll watchers in Old SodokenPolling places were intimidated, beaten and driven away by the people of Old Sodoken and their cultural society, the Country Devil.’

Speaker Chambers in his allegations maintained that he is the only candidate in the 2023 elections who have no contender in the county and that he has already won the elections, though NEC official results are still pending.

Making their case to local government officials of Maryland County on Friday, the traditional women and men described Speaker Chambers’ allegations as falsely lies and misleading.

Speaking to TNR reporter in Harper City where the traditional leaders of Pleebo District gathered to present their case, the Spokesperson of the aggrieved citizens, Thomas Kuwait Nyemah said the act of Speaker Chambers by falsely accusing the tradition people is a total disrespect to the district and its people.

“Our mothers and fathers say Chambers’ action is a gross disrespect to our culture,” he said.

The traditional leaders stressed that for no reason the development Superintendent of Maryland County, Robin Scout, City Mayor of Harper, Mechizedeck Toe and others instructed supporters of Speaker Chambers to open a fight in Old Sodoken, leaving a Journalist, a citizens and others in the town reportedly beaten and brutalized. Meanwhile, the Chief of Old Sodokennamed four cows, four gallons of caine juice three bags of rice, amongst others as fine placed on the Government of Liberia through its local authorities in Maryland County for the alleged electoral violence.

“In our town, anyone who wastes human blood, that person is fined. So, our fine is four cows, three bags of rice, four gallons of Caine juice,” the Sodoken Town Chief reminded local authorities in the county.

Addressing their concerns on behalf of the County Superintendent who was absent due to what was attributed to as health problems, theTownship Commissioner of Hoffman Station, Summu Prowd as instructed by Superintendent George Prowd, mandated the aggrieved citizens to reduce their grievances into writings for proper and further redress.

Our reporter managed to interact with one of the victims of the scene, Mr. Peter Wilson made these words in his vernacular, “I came from on the farm. When I reached in town, I started hearing noise. When I got there, the violence was getting huge and one of Bhofal Chambers’ men stabbed me with a knife,” Peter Wilson narrated.

In Old Sodoken, CPP’s Representative Candidate, Anthony Williams obtained 643 votes while CDC’s Bhofal Chambers obtained 91 votes according to NEC preliminary results from the Old Sodoken Polling places.

Speaker Chambers who was elected in the district in 2005 and reelected in 2011, 2017, is again contesting for the fourth term in the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections on the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in Pleebo SodokenDistrict.

It is not yet clear as to whether Rep. Chambers will this time be successful as CPP candidate Anthony F. Williams is in the lead.

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