Chambers Seeks Redress To NEC’s BOC

House Speaker, Bhofal Chambers is still upbeat two months after the October 10 legislative elections that he can overturn the NEC-certified results which indicated that his opponent, Anthony Williams won the Sodoken-Pleebo District Representative seat at the National Legislature.

He still maintains that the October 10, 2023 general elections held in the district were marred by irregularities which benefit his main rival, Anthony Williams. Though the National Elections Commission (NEC) declared Mr. Williams winner and the first hearing into the complaint heard, Dr. Chambers has filed an appeal with the Board of Commissioners (BOC) of NEC.

Speaker Chambers, through his legal counsel, told the Presiding Officer of NEC that, “Having listened to the ruling, our client received it and will be using his rights to proceed with an appeal with the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission.”

The Presiding accepted the request and told the lawyer that it was his rights to do so. Chambers’ legal team said the decision to file an appeal with the Board is due to their conviction that the results as were announced by NEC were not the true reflection of what the people voted for.

According to the team, it was very clear that Speaker Chambers, having served his people for a lengthy time with unmatched developments, had everything going for him during the process until some other forces decided to derail the wishes of the people.

Speaker Chambers, who is said to be confident of getting back his mandate of his constituents, has continued to deliver the message of peace to the people of Sodoken-Pleebo District as the investigation takes new stage.

He asked the people to eschew violence and hate so as to ensure that nothing ugly comes in between and among the residents that will jeopardize the mutual coexistence of the people following the elections.

Under the Liberian electoral laws, an aggrieved party can seek redress up to the Supreme Court which is the final arbiter of justice.

It can be recalled that after the declaration of the results in which the National Elections Commission (NEC) documented Anthony Williams as the winner, the legal team of Speaker Chambers filed its objection to NEC alleging that there were evidence of wanton fraud, flagrant cheating, collusion in some voting centers and precincts in Maryland County District #2 covering, PleeboSodoken District  and a series of controversies involving the appearance of “Country Devil” during the voting hours, which resulted in some observers and other electoral workers fleeing for their lives.

Team Chambers maintained that the “Country Devil”, in collusion with some NEC workers including an NEC staff identified as Miss. Cece Nimely, the Electoral Supervisor in some rural towns namely, Old Sodoken, Gbololu, and Witchoken, took some ballot boxes assisted by some traditional leaders and carried out fraud, cheat and other electoral malpractices.

It has been widely reported in the media that the NEC Electoral Supervisor, Miss. Nimely admitted on tape, her collusion with one of the candidates in the elections and mentioned as Anthony F. Williams, a candidate they favored to commit fraud, “as a mandate from the NEC Magistrate in Harper”

Team Chambers further contended that several copies of tally sheets which they have “evidence of,  showed figures or number of voters, per polling centers, far above the NEC threshold per precinct and center, thus suggesting even more reasons to query the outcome of the present result from that part of Maryland County”.

In the complaint form signed by the CDC’s Poll Watcher identified as Mr. Steven Russell, the CDC complained that they were disallowed by the “country devil” and some “traditional bush masters” believed to be supporters of candidate Anthony Williams just before the start of the tallying of the votes. Mr. Russell indicated that whilst the vote process was taking shape at mid-day, several supporters of the CDC were disallowed by some local NEC poll staff. The Old Sodoken community is believed to be the home-town of candidate Anthony Williams

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