Center for Legal Aid Support Services Ends Two Days Human Rights Dialogue Aimed At Enhancing School-Based Human Rights Clubs

By:          Perry B. Zordyu


MONROVIA-The Center for Legal Aid Support Services (CLASS) has ended a two-day dialogue forum in Paynesville.

The dialogue forum was meant to cement the knowledge of school base human rights clubs to speak of human rights ills and violations in various schools and the society at large.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of CLASS Atty. George King said the training was triggered as a result of the too many human rights transgression by who-be nationals and such an act is in total violation of the Human Rights Code that Liberia is a signatory to and that it is furthermore among those laws within Liberia Constitution.

Atty. Kings furthered that if those students are knowledgeable about that violation of human rights something he said will remedy the situation.

“If we will want to put an extinction to human rights offenses, we must begin with various schools because there were such violations start”. Atty. George King added.

The Chief Executive Officer of CLASS maintained that, despite the judiciary system of our country finding it difficult in combating human rights cases, they as lawyers representing such sector will continue to knock on the doors of the international community to probe into any human rights cases and will ensure said perpetrator be borough to book.

Meanwhile, the Center for Legal Aid Support Services is a Liberian-based human rights advocacy group that is fully registered with the Liberian Justice System and has all the legal luminary to persuade any human rights lawsuits across the country.

At the same time, the Chief Executive Officer has admonished trainees of upholding the code of human rights and being an agent of change in society ensuring that schools are free of human rights breaches.

The training was held over the weekend under the theme: “Human Rights in Small Places” in the edifice of the O’Nace International Christian School in Paynesville and schools that benefited from the training were the O’Nace International Christian School, Opportunity Day Care School, and Star Baptist School.

Participating schools applauded the organizers for the gesture and describe such training as timely.

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