CDC Gets New Auxiliary for Disadvantaged Youth Amid Claims of Abandonment

MONROVIA-Amidst speculations in some quarters that disadvantaged youth of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has been abandoned by stewards of the ruling party, a new auxiliary has been established to cater solely to the needs of less fortunate members of CDC.

‘Congress Disadvantage Youth for Progressive Change’, a new ancillary of CDC was launched on 7 July 2021 at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town to champion the cause of disadvantaged young within the party, among many other things.

The new political movement which was launched at ceremony marking the celebration of its founder and CEO, Daoda Socrates Carlon’s birthday, seeks to also address the many problems disadvantaged population of Liberia’s biggest political grassroots party are faced with, including the lack of opportunities such as vocational training programs and human services programs, which are vital for said population to seek employment opportunities.

The group intends to also give voice to disadvantaged young, most of whom are sheltering in ghettoes situated in slums across the 17 electoral districts of Montserrado County.

Carlon, a former senior member of CDC USA Chapter, who recently returned to contribute to nation building said disadvantaged youth are a significate constituent that contributed greatly to struggles that led to the election of CDC in 2017.

Speaking at the launch of Congress Disadvantage Youth for Progressive Change, partisan Carlon said the auxiliary comprises of disadvantaged men and women from the 17 electoral districts of Montserrado County.

“It’s intended to take the burdens of neglect of our population that has been marginalized 12 years ago,” he said.

Carlon, who works as Assistant Manager for Environmental Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA) at Liberia Environmental Protection Agency, explained “we cannot continue to divide our people, based on who wears clean clothes or dirty clothes or who rides a ca or a motorbike.”

He believes that disadvantaged youth refer to as ‘Zoogoes and Zoogees’ have potentials which can be developed into positive things and can create a platform for their contribution towards national agenda.

“It is on this basis; we will continue to remain engaged with them whether you like it or not. There is nowhere to push them, this is their country. We will be with them to help them turn away from their negative habits,” Mr. Carlon assured.

He disclosed plan to initiate regular counseling sessions for disadvantaged youth, noting “we will tell them that life has ups and downs and that there is a need for you to get up when you fall.”

Mr. Carlon also promised to make representation for disadvantaged youth at the national level to ensure that they are placed on the agenda policy of the country, so that programs can be developed to cater for less-fortunate men and women as it is done in developed countries.

Explaining further on what inspired the establishment of ‘Congress Disadvantage Youth for Progressive Change’, Mr. Carlon said “the reason is very simple.

Said Carlon: “Men that understand the philosophical principle of the universal and the scientific basis on which structures are established will know that without people there will be no government. So it’s important that the militants, laymen, sons of peasants are always structured into the development of our country.”

He further explained “any government or official that fails to realize that, you are living in space” because these are the people whom we are called to served.”

Carlon admonished disadvantaged youth who gathered at the party’s headquarters to witness the launch of the new auxiliary not to underestimate what CDC can do for them.

He recollected that he joined the party as a ‘placard holder’ when he encountered Chairman Mulbah Morlu in 2008 who was then the Chairperson of the Movement for the establishment of war and economic crimes court.     

“I was a young man coming up when I joined the movement only as a placard holder. We had the believe that the gun that liberated must not rule. All of you who here who see yourselves battle criers today, don’t underestimate what CDC can do for you,” Carlon told the disadvantaged youth.

However, several disadvantaged youth of the CDC, who attended the ceremony lauded partisan Carlon for establishing the group to care for less-fortunate members of their institution.

In separate interviews, the CDC youth thanked Carlon for identifying with them on his birthday and recalled how he has been helpful to disadvantaged members of the institution.

For his part, the Chairperson of the CDC Revolutionary National Youth League, Isaiah H. Togba, was grateful for the establishment of the new auxiliary and promised to work with the institution in advancing the ideology of their political movement.

Another party steward, Hon. Randall M. Dobayou who is also Deputy Executive Director at the EPA lauded Carlon for the initiative and described him as an ordained follower and a baptized trustee of the ‘blue revolution’.

At the end of the ceremony which was characterized my merry-making, the Youth League honored Carlon by carrying out a sacred initiation of wearing of the blue beret, an emblem of the party.    

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