CDC Dumps Victor Watson

...In Gd. Cape Mount Senatorial Race

MONROVIA-The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has finally dumped its former lawmaker, Victor Watson of Grand Cape Mount County in the upcoming October 10 Legislative and Presidential Elections.

The former Grand Cape Mount County Senator served the shortest time in the Liberian Senate for only nine months. He was booted out by Senator Simon Taylor who defeated him in the 2020 Special Senatorial Election.

During the 2019 by-election in Grand Cape Mount County, former Senator Watson contested as an Independent Candidate but was fully supported by the Coalition for Democratic Change where he defeated Simon Taylor of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) at the time.

Following his victory and certification by the National Elections Commission, Senator Watson officially joined the CDC.  During the 2020 Special Senatorial Elections, Senator Watson contested on the CDC ticket in Grand Cape Mount County while Simon Taylor contested on the ANC ticket and defeated Senator Watson, a decision that he rejected thus taking the matter to court but was again defeated.

Recently, the Coalition for Democratic Change conducted its primary in Grand Cape Mount County for the party’s Senatorial Candidate. At the CDC primary, Representative Mambu Sonii of District #2 was elected as the party’s Candidate in the pending elections.

But former Senator Watson was not deterred as he registered as an Independent Candidate in the October 10 Legislative and Presidential Elections.

On his official social media post following his registration by the NEC, the former senator indicated that he remains steadfast in putting his apps together for his ultimate return to the Liberian Senate.

Victor Watson, Senator Varney Sherman and Representative Mambu Sonii, and others will be battling for the Senatorial seat in Grand Cape Mount County.

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