CDC Campaign Chair Slams Dr. Fahnbulleh’s Threat

The campaign Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Lenn Eugene Nagbe, has sharply reacted to warning by Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh, describing him as someone who only survives on war.

Last week, the former Security Advisor to former President Ellen Johnson, Dr. Fahnbulleh, vowed to delegitimize the government of President George Manneh Weah if the presidential run-off election is rigged in his favor.

Nagbe over the weekend described the statement as a war drum being played by Dr. Fahnbulleh, saying, “Dr. H Boimah Fahnbulleh cannot survive without war.” Dr. Fahnbulleh is also a former presidential candidate who contested the 2017 elections on the ticket of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP).

He is a renowned Liberian political scientist and one of the founders of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA) who served as a National Security Advisor to ex-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He also served as Minister of Education and of Foreign Affairs in the Samuel Doe military government from 1980 to 1983.

Dr. Fahnbulleh spoke as a guest on the Prime Morning Drive (PMD) on Prime FM 105.5 from exile via telephone on Thursday, November 2. Dr. Fahnbulleh claimed that the re-election of President Weah would be a “catastrophe” for the post-conflict nation and its citizens.

According to him, Liberia will intensively retrogress if the Liberian leader is retained as President. He observed that Liberia has become a “platform for jokes” under the Weah-led government. Dr. Fahnbulleh stressed that Liberian diplomatic passports are being sold to “criminals,” while insecurity remains at a higher peak.

He maintained that he and others outside Liberia will not hesitate to delegitimize the government of President Weah if the outcome of the elections does not reflect the will of the Liberian people. But the CDC campaign spokesperson, Len Eugene Nagbe, expressed serious disappointment in Dr. Fahnbulleh’s statement, describing it as “beating war drum.”

Nagbe said he is disappointed in the statement made by Dr. Fahnbulleh but not surprised because, according to him, Dr. Fahnbulleh usually benefits from wars and coups. Nagbe made the statement at a program marking the endorsement of President Weah’s re-election by nine defeated candidates and their supporters from the five electoral districts in Grand Bassa County.

“From the other side, they are already preaching hate messages, tribalism, and division and even threatening war. If you listen to Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh, he’s being quoted as preaching war and hate messages, and he’s threatening war,” Nagbe said.

Nagbe said nobody in Liberia wants war, saying, “Some people can only survive in chaos, and one of those persons is Dr. H. BoimahFahnbulleh. He can only become a minister either if there’s a coup or when there’s a war, or once the war ends, he goes back to his mother’s house to live there. Anyway, he has left his mother’s house, and now he’s renting a two-bedroom apartment.”

He further stated that, “Some of these people had opportunities but did not advance themselves, and because of the lack of their self-advancement, they are threatening the peace of the country, but we will not allow it.”

The CDC campaign Chairman said the survival of Liberia from the hands of those he described as evil is the paramount concern of the CDC.

“So what we are fighting for now is the survival of our country because, if you look on the other side, there are lots of evil geniuses like Dr. Fahnbulleh who said that they will make the country ungovernable. How can you make a country ungovernable? It means you’re going to start a war, and we don’t want that. These are the people that some of our citizens are hailing. So we have a job to do, to speak to our mothers and fathers in the villages and towns to inform the people about their evil plans,” he noted.

Commenting on the endorsers, Nagbe called on all CDCians to treat all of the nine former candidates with respect.

He said President Weah will reach out personally to those who did the endorsement. “I talked to the President before coming here, and in the coming days, he himself will have a meeting with you all. CDC is your home, and we respect your decision to support us. After this election, we will be glad to also govern with us for the next six years.

For his part, the former Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, Janjay Baikpeh, said the county is prepared to deliver the entire county to support President Weah’s re-election bid.

Baikpeh said the campaign team of the CDC in the county will ensure the rest of the county is delivered to the president.

“We are prepared and will reach out to our people. Grand Bassa County must be delivered to President Weah. The 10,000 votesmargin we got is not sufficient; we need to do more, and we are going into all the villages and towns in Bassa,” he said.

The endorsement program in Grand Bassa attracted officials of the party, including the Party county campaign chairman Dr. Laurence Bropleh, former Defense Minister Daniel Chea, among others.

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