CDC Bong Chapter Chairman Alarms


By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Gbarnga-The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Bong County chairman, Sayblee Weyea has alarmed over an attempt by some members of the party to “jeopardize” President George Weah’s re-election in the pending 2023 general and presidential elections in the County.

Speaking at a press conference in Gbarnga, Bong County on January 9, 2022, the CDC chairman alleged that some members of the party are currently engaged in an unscrupulous act that has the propensity to undermine the re-election of President Weah.

However, the Bong County CDC chairman didn’t name any individual in the party that is involved in such an unscrupulous campaign in the County.

But, said there are some executive members of the party that is running from Ministries and Agencies lobbying for the transfers of some members and none members of the party from their jobs because those individuals have not been dancing to the tone of them in the County.

The tough-talking Bong County CDC chairman alleged that said act has the propensity to jeopardize the re-election of President Weah in the 2023 general and presidential elections in the County.

Chairman Weyea is at the same time calling on those who are involved in this self-esteem or selfish act to desist because it’s derailing the party image in the County.

The CDC’s Bong County chairman alleged that the party has lost three successful elections in the County due to the continued in-house frightening among executives of the party in Bong County.

It can be recalled that Mr. James Zuannah, Lofa County Education Officer and Stalwart of the ruling establishment said the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) doesn’t have a mature political leadership in Bong County.

Mr. Zuannah said the  Coalition for Democratic Change is losing political relevance in Bong County due to a lack of mature leadership, noting there’s no mature leadership that will deliver the County to the CDC in the pending 2023 general and presidential elections in Liberia.

He alleged that those who are in charge of the party in the County are in the constant habit of lying to the Standard-bearer of the party that everything is well or good in Bong County.

Mr. Zuannah revealed that since the 2017 general and Presidential elections, CDC has not won a single seat in Bong County despite contesting three times.

“The party earlier put up Rep. J. Marvin Cole as Candidate in the 2018 by-election and lost to an Independent Candidate Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa,” he said.

He said what appeared to be a repeat of the 2018 situation was in the 2020 Senatorial Election where CDC Candidate and Incumbent Senator Henry W. Yallah was defeated by the Collaborating Political Party’s Candidate Prince K. Moye.

He further said even the Party’s Standard Bearer George Weah lifted the hand of former Senator  Yallah at the David Kuyon Sports Stadium in 2020 but yet, his defeat was massive.

Additionally, he said even though, Vice President Jewel Taylor did not respect the party’s mandate on grounds that  Candidate Henry W. Yallah was a snake in the bag.

Moreover, after the election of Prince K. Moye to replace CDC’s Henry W. Yallah in the Senate, there was a by-election created in Bong County’s Electoral District#2.

The Coalition for Democratic Change again put up a Candidate which this time was in the interest of Vice President  Jewel Howard Taylor.

Melvin K. Salvage, the Candidate who was considered the most impactful man in the District due to his investment into agriculture which was being heavily marketed by Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Representative J. Marvin Cole, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill, and several other top officials of government was again defeated.

Mr. Salvage had earlier contested and lost to Prince K. Moye in the 2017 elections.

According to Mr. Zuannah, he was completely melancholic when he heard that the CDC lost to a little-known James M. Kolleh of the PUP who was announced by the National Elections Commission as Winner of the by-election in Bong County.

The CDC stalwart further said when he heard that the CDC defeated Representative candidate was running to court on the ground that he was cheated in by-elections he feels very melancholy about the process, on the ground that for a ruling party to be running to court for cheating is a serious problem for the party.

The former Bong County Education Officer now Lofa County Education Officer at the same time revealed that those who are in charge of the party at the various Counties characters are making people afraid of the party in Liberia.

Mr. Zuannah said if the party can’t put its broken together and fulfill their 2017 campaign promises he sees a pending defeat in the 2023 general and presidential elections in the Country.

The Lofa County Education Officer made the statement at a press conference in Gbarnga, Bong County on November 28, 2021.

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