...Town Chief Gonotee Alarms


By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The Town Chief of one of the affected towns Boapea in Nimba County has been alarmed over the negative effects of the caterpillar swarm that has plagued their town and nearby villages.

Saye Gonotee disclosed that the invading caterpillars destroyed all of the water success that is used for cooking and washing in the town and other villages.

Speaking to a team of journalists over the weekend, Gonotee narrated that the population of the town is five thousand and ninny-six inhabitants.

He disclosed that due to the caterpillars’ invasion of their town and villages, over 5,000 residents are now striving to get safe drinking water as their only sources of water have been contaminated by the swarm of invading caterpillars.

Gonotee disclosed that the over 5,000 population in the town are using only one handpump.

According to him, the caterpillars infested all of the streams, the only alternative water sources for residents of the town.

He further narrated that the caterpillars destroyed most of their crops thus creating economic constraints for them.

He called on the government and partners to go to their aid by providing them with additional hand pumps to assist them in alleviating some of the constraints being faced by residents.

In a related development, Nimba County Health Team Clinical Supervisor for Administration, Lee T. Danno, and the Clinical Health Services Director, Kavntay Deemie have confirmed the caterpillars’ infestation but indicated that the invading caterpillars have moved to an unknown destination.

Mr. Deemie revealed that the caterpillars affected the Zorgowee Clinic in Gbehlay-Geh District allowing some patients and health workers to leave the clinic due to the caterpillars’ infestation.

The Zorgowee Clinic has a maternal waiting home with a lot of pregnant women who have to leave because of the caterpillars’ invasion.

According to him, the caterpillars were in a dahoma tree that was around the clinic something that prompted the team to cut it down before carrying on the spraying.

He disclosed that the Ministry of Agriculture is yet to conduct a coordination meeting in addressing the situation.

Deemie added that the health team was able to work within their range, particularly with Zorgowee Clinic to put the situation under control.

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